Is Colbert a Republican?

Oh MAN! I'm totally stayin' in the NO! camp. LOL! Colbert goes off at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Thanks to ARB for the link to Peter Daou's Huffington Post, from whence came the above Quicktime link (which you may notice is hosted by Crooks and Liars.)


  1. Stephen Colbert and I are running off to get married tomorrow. I love him so much that I'm willing to become a bigamist.


    Stephen Colbert is awesome. And why wouldn't I say that? He's soon going to be my 2nd husband!

  2. Let me just add one more thing about that dinner. What in the H-E-double toothpicks was Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame doing there yucking it all up?

    Give me a break with these people. What a *club* they are -- and all we do is watch and play along with all their silly little games...


  3. Saw the video last night. Aweseom. In fact, awesome doesn't even cover it. Mind-blowing incredible!

  4. Wonder when the planet stops saying, "Never again," again and again and again.

    I hope I didn't leave this comment again and again, didn't seem to go through the first time...

  5. Excuse me Blue Girl but I am SO getting to him first.

  6. I'm pretty sure both y'all Ladies are gonna hafta check with Steve's Mom on his availability. I love the guy. He just strikes me as someone who still lives at home.

    The Correspondents' dinner is one of the weirdest political gatherings of the year, that's for sure. I was laughin' out loud through all, but especially that Stalker Helen clip! Oy vey! lol

  7. I have to say Stalker Helen was my favorite part. know what what I love best about him? (And this is kind of strange) -- I love the way he adjusts his glasses all the time. The way he pushes them up. It's a total habit...but I love it!


  8. Yes! I can see that Blue Girl and I can discuss this at length and well, you could just sort of tolerate it, Mr. Bains.

    I think Colbert is sexy as hell and I don't CARE. I love glasses.

  9. Tolerate it? I love it!

    This post now has more comments than any other post I've posted.


    But I'm still waitin' to see what Colbert's Mom has to say about him dating actual women. Good luck w/ that, m'Ladies. {-'

  10. Colbert was on Sunday Morning yesterday... he spoke of his lovely wife and children.

  11. Why do men think Mr. Colbert is gay? I've heard that before....


    OT: MB, why is there a handicap icon by the word verification now?

  12. Excellent questions BG! Sociologically astute, even (are you wearing your Lab Coat right now? .)

    I don't know. On either of 'em.

    I just noticed the handicappers on other blogspot blogs this morning. I'm sure the explanation is on Blogger's home. I'll find out and, if it's at all interesting, letchya know.

  13. From the Blogger Buzz

    A ton of humans cannot solve our word verification simply because they cannot see it.

    Today we’re very happy to add an audio verification alongside every word verification in Blogger.

    Boring, but there it is. Why a wheelchair? Why not a speaker symbol?

    That is kinda interestin', actually...

  14. Thanks for the hook up. I loved it.

  15. Thanks for checking MB. Interesting.

    Yes, I'm wearing my lab coat as I type this....and I've actually been doing a study on myself recently.

    How many times do I get that word verification right on the first try. I do believe I'm at about 65%.


  16. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the whole performance. I just caught it on CSPAN as I was channel surfing. The Helen Thomas stalking part was toooooooo funny. I love the man also. He doesn't take himself too seriously as evidenced by him showing a clip from his performance of people not laughing.


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