It's Time

This was perhaps the most compelling part for me.
Senate Hearings on Bush, Now
Carl Bernstein

How much evidence is there to justify such action?

Certainly enough to form a consensus around a national imperative: to learn what this president and his vice president knew and when they knew it; to determine what the Bush administration has done under the guise of national security; and to find out who did what, whether legal or illegal, unconstitutional or merely under the wire, in ignorance or incompetence or with good reason, while the administration barricaded itself behind the most Draconian secrecy and disingenuous information policies of the modern presidential era."
Tip o' the hat to ARB for "leakin'" news of the article.


  1. Vanity Fair AND Rolling Stone doing major Bush bashing this week. Tres cool.

  2. I've not seen the Stoner take. Thanks for the 'tip maestro.


  3. Every time I sit down and curl up with my Vanity Fair, the doorbell rings or the phone rings or something else distracts me. I haven't been able to read that article yet.

    Don't people know not to bug me when I'm trying to read about The Decider??!


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