A State of Trance

Whilst my clubbin' buddy would look at me aghast and wonder just what the hekk I've been smoking, this show from Wolfgang's Vault is taking me to just such a groovy internal place.

Shake, Oh! Shake It Sugaree!

If'n you need a little more assistance trippin' down memory lane, here's some pics of a nearby show on the same tour.

Thanks again to mi 'migo Jack for turnin' me on to this site. You'll need to provide an eddress to check it, but the only drawback seems to be that they'll then let you know, once a week so far, when more good stuff is available.



  1. Holy night. There will be no rest at my house once our DSL is set up.

    I came to the Dead with more seriousness in the last couple of years because I knew Garcia was a banjer player, and after I saw David "Dawg" Grisman last year at The Kent Stage I did get a bit sucked into the GD vortex. (Grisman and Garcia did a killer album of all traditional tunes, if you really like to chill out.) My kids weren't quite sure what to make of it but it's not every day you hear a six year old girl singing along to Grateful Dead tunes. Hee.

    I do indeed lead a charmed life.

  2. I saw them a few times back in 1969-ish. sometimes they were really good. They were not too good at 9 am at one of the festivals but I guess they had probably been up all night. 9 am is pretty early, and Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm were fixing us breakfast at the time.

    Saw Grisman not too long ago. He opened for The Greencards and I work for them. Great show! I love the mando as much as guitar!


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