"Lip Service" to Feeling Better

Well, actually it's a little more than that. Not a lot, but still I'm hoping this Elvis Costello concert on Wolfgang's Vault will help me drag my ass back outta this stupid assed abyss of emocity.

blah blah blah . . . But at least the music's cool as hell.


  1. For my money, this is the Golden Age of Elvis. No string quartets, no stunt-casting...just stripped down rock and roll from the Angry Young Man. And Wolfgang's Vault is a treasure.

  2. The abyss of emocity? Definitely get out of there. I hate it when I get into a good abyss and someone comes along and says, "get outta der"!

  3. I get in real moods (heheh, who? me? {-; ) for the newer stuff, but this is really great, pure Rock-n-Roll. And yeah, WV is totally a Treasure!

    LOL! Dig it, Mary. On both counts. {-;

  4. Thanks for the link. Was unaware of this WV site.

    Now, smile, dammit!

  5. I saved that link with the concerts on it. Great link. :)

  6. no, No, NOOOOO...
    This is way too scary!
    Back into the abyss, please... ;-)


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