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As I'm sure any regular readers here have quitely* gathered by now, I'm a bit of an odd admixture of (perhaps pollyanna) optimism, and (remorselessly) Reaperian self-doubt. So it should come as no surprise that, while I've frequently dismissed Hemingway as a pointless, He-Man hack, best left relegated to times historic (and, like Reagan, otherwise best forgotten) I continually find myself drawn to stories where he's mentioned, even if in only the slightest of nods to his influence.

On that enigmatic (and somewhat irrelevant) note, I've never been a fan of liqueurs, but have always had a bit of an interest in one which has long been banned in the U.S. - absinthe.

Whilst the explanation of champaign bubblary in this NYTimes' article is old news, I found the discussion of at least some of this particular devil water's side-effects interesting and compelling enough to, once again, follow my Preznit's lead and use The Google to perhaps procure me some.

I'll let ya know what I find.

* It's been a while since I've clarified that use of the pseudo word "quietly" was simply one of the quirks which endeared my dear soon-to-be second-ex-wife to me.

Ahhh... well. Moving on...


  1. Champaign reminds me of 7-Up.

  2. I've looked myself, and that stuff can be expensive!

  3. ...but have always had a bit of an interest in one which has long been banned in the U.S. - absinthe.

    Eeeee-eeewww! Absinthe? That's like professing an interest in Jeagermeister. ;-)

    Though I shouldn't talk, I suppose. I have an abiding love of tequilla, and many people think I'm crazy. Of course, tequilla isn't generally considered to be poisonous.

  4. A drink that has pharmacological properties and interacts with several neurotransmitter systems in the brain, including one that is also activated by the cannabinoids in marijuana, sounds very very interesting. I've never heard of thujone, but know of other uses of sage, like salvia divinorum, which has hallucinogenic and pharmacological properties as well. I had no idea that absinthe was sage-related. If you do get your hands on some absinthe, I hope you'll write about your experience.

  5. Combigned for PM & ET: Bottoms Up! {-;

    Hey AA, my neph's boss gave him a bottle of Dom Perignon for New Years! What the ??? kinda dirt, I wonder, has my boy got on the man? Is a $150 a bottle for that label!

    LOL Kvatch! I think it's the "pine essence" which I find alluring. You're probably right and I'd hate it, though. Can't stand Oozo or Bailey's or any of that stuff, so why - other than perhaps the wee potential for poison - should this be any different?

    Oh, and NO Jaeger' for me, thank you. It's waaaay too sweet my bitter buds.

  6. I promise to do so, Robin Andrea. Umm.. Assuming I survive the experience, of course.


  7. Living in Germany, I've had absinthe... it's all right. Never had it while high, but mainly I just got a sense of time exaggerated (vaguely reminiscent of the song-and-dance number in Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet") followed by one BITCH of a headache. I'm sure the better quality stuff is superior.

    That being said: hey! He-man hack or not, Hemingway was one of my greatest creative influences. Regardless of his personality or subject matter, his ability to evoke so much from so few words always entranced me. You're bashing a creative firing pin of my youth, pal! *Laughs* Take care, man!

  8. Man, Mike, don't be dissing Mr Hemingway. He wrote some crap, certainly, but some fine stuff too. As long as you remember that The Old Man and the Sea is not the classic people take it for, you should be able to appreciate his work.

  9. Ahhh! There it is. Thanks Gents. I was thinkin' (hoping?) I'd get some flack for my proferred take on Hemingway.

    As I hinted though, I know I give the man short-shrift, not least because he used such short sentences. Yes. Average american that I am, I was weened on JRR Tolkien and the like, and Hemingway's prose was near to the most boring (hhmmm... simplistic maybe?) stuff I could recall having to read in HS.

    Assuredly as well, and I'd not say this if I didn't really mean it as so, if I've learned any thing since then, it's to not hang onto sophmoric opinions based 'pon incredibly limited experiences.

    Thusly, the old man, if not "The Old Man . . .", will be given a new and fair shot in the near future.

    And AA, I get it now. You meant the absinthe. D'oh!

  10. I for one appreciate Hemingway's short words and sentences. I don't have to have a dictionary in my left hand while I hold a book of his in the right.
    Wait! I am faking it, the only thing I have read by Papa is "The Old Man of the Sea.".... although, I did read the first few pages of "For Whom the Bells Toll".

  11. LOL! Thanks for havin' my back, Ed!

    I'm still intrigued for the folks who love him, so will give it a go. The local library has a great collection of "classics" which, while I didn't look the first couple times, I'm sure must have something of his in there.

  12. Michael,
    I think Papa sold his image in order to sell his books. Who wouldn't want to read a book by an author who clinched his cigars in a manly, drunk his scotch or whatever, straight from the bottle, and go to real bull fights.
    I would probably be thrown out for rooting for the bull.

  13. Even though my life has had some pint sized parallels to dude's, that's always been my take too, Ed. Hell, maybe it's because I can relate a little to the guy's self-destructiveness.

    I just figure I need to read a little more than I did so long ago. That way, even if I still have no appreciation for his writing, I'll feel better about raggin' on him - or just not getting it - 'round folks whose literary opinions I otherwise respect quite a bit.

    We'll see how it goes.

  14. ...Back to Absinthe:

    I tried to do a community outreach (such an altruist am I, Eh..) and looked it up for you on eBay.
    All I could find was this, but the seller claims it to be 100% legal in the USA, as it's refined.
    Which I presume won't do the trick (whatever trick you are after).

    You could always go for some Fugu sushi, y'know...

  15. I've a fascination with Absinthe...and I desperately want to try it. I figure I'll have to go to Europe to finally get some. I love Ouzo's lovely!


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