CBS Polls the Electorate . .

. . while the Chimperor continues to pole the civilized world.
Iraq Plan Draws Criticism, Mockery On Hill
President's Plan To Send More Troops To Iraq Meets Opposition From Both Democrats And Republicans

Jan. 11, 2007

Americans' opinions apparently were not swayed very much by President Bush's speech outlining his new strategy, according to a CBS News poll.

Fifty percent of those who saw the speech said they disapprove of the president's proposals, while 37 percent said they approve. Just one-third of those surveyed said they support Mr. Bush's call to send more than 20,000 additional troops to Iraq.

Following the speech, 68 percent of Americans — the same number as prior to the speech — said they were uneasy about the president's ability to make decisions about Iraq.
Now, obviously I ain't one to rely willy-nilly on what a majority of people believe when it comes to doing what is right (can you say "the majority of people suffer from a God Delusion"?) So I "understand the President" when he says he can't let Policy be set by the whim of the pollsters.

On the other hand, his abilities as Teh Decider do seem to beg for any reason at all to moderate his ideas of what is "best for the country."

Since I found the CBS story via Darwin, I'm gonna wrap up this look at an American Lunatic with double D's take on another profoundly disturbing example of what kind of hiring decisions the President of the United States of America has made to date.
At one point Gates, just three weeks on the job, told lawmakers, "I would confess I'm no expert on Iraq." Later, asked about reaching the right balance between American and Iraqi forces, he told the panel he was "no expert on military matters."
So the Secretary of Defense, the man in charge of the largest, most lethal military complex ever developed, is no expert no military matters. Are they just finding people under rocks to do the most vital jobs in the administration?

[Darwin's Dagger: What Did He Just Say?]


  1. Nah, they don't find 'em under the rocks - they are the rocks. Dumb as rocks and Bush is so very proud.

  2. Good one, Michael...where ya been?? -Glenda

  3. It isn't the resume that El Shrubbo looks for-it's how he feels after the pucker-and-smooch that means everything.

    If you know how to smooch that ass, then you'll be doing a "heckuva job" as far as El Shrubbo is concerned.

  4. It seems to me that the US isn't the largest, most lethal military complex ever developed...or they would have made toast of Al Queda and the insurgents and whatever else that slings arrows over in the middle east.

  5. I have to agree with Roger. look at Bremer, Franks, Tenet and Brownie. All got medals for being idiots.

  6. Dumbya as a Rock, sounds 'bout right, Mary. ;)

    I been about, Glenda. Lurking occasionally on TPT. Seem to have been catchin' up on atheist politics more so lately too.

    Here's a problem, G. I'm a terrible self-salesman. Salesman period! lol! I know that I've talked m'self out of more tech consulting gigs than I've had because I always assure folks that what they want me to do is really something they can handle. And then they do. There goes my $50 an hour, don't ya know. {sigh}

    Point being, whenever I'm on the Peace Train, I feel like I should contribute a piece, then I get all weird-like-me and split for awhile. Is funny, yeah, but I'll say just about anything on my own space with nearly no anonymity, and comments sections seem -essentially- fine too. I'll be back. No worries.

    Thanks! for asking 'bout me where-abouts. :)))

    JR & Steve - dig it gents. I'd imagine most folks like their ass rubbed occasionally, but Herr Shrub demands his caboose be smooched or he'll whack yours with the door on on your way out. Dude's Got To Go.

    Remember though, Sumo. It's neither the size nor quality of the tool, but the skill of craftsman which makes it effective. Shrub's only skill seems to be effin' up anything he touches in a way that makes a select few ungodly wealthy.

    Again, Dude has got to go.

  7. Maybe he's a stand-up comic and we don't get the jokes ; (

    Seriously, from my experience out here, people like him can only surround themselves
    with yes people.

    On the Human side, how side to be so stupid as to not want to expand your horizons with
    as much information as you can get, and make a serious decision after such findings.

    I'm afraid he is the embodiment of the Peter Principle ; (

  8. no, no you are under the illusion that they actually hire competent, able people when in actuality they hire loyal people. very different. these folks have a hidden agenda that they won't share or they would have folded a long time ago. mark my words- rice is out and negroponte is in. then we are going to take on iran and syria.

  9. Dig it, Coffee M. Even when he tries to be funny on purpose, he sadly isn't.

    But I've got to go with Betmo's take on (hi Betmo! Long time, eh! {: ) the qualifications part. Rarely are his hires qualified for their positions, unless you look back on Shrub's Business career and realize - as his history shows little but - the overwhelming factual evidence that the "Decider" is truly naught but a Destroyer.

    And his uberchimpen backer$ grow ever fatter and richer as long as he is allowed to make decisions.



  10. I've been watching Shrub's recruiting and retention practices for a while now, and I don't think he's appointed a single qualified person. I was so enraged with the whole Fema thing -- that guy hadn't run ANYTHING, EVER.

    I'm a recruiter, and goddamn it, if I did my job like that, I'd be, OH, out of a JOB.

    Good lord, your blog gets me all fired up. I'm sending the URL to my friend Shameless Agitator right now.


  11. Yeah, until Gate's quite recent admission, Brownie was definitely the most visible symbol of W's ignorance and ineptitude in choosing Managers. Wow! And yet he still "stays the course."


    I love your friend's nom de nets. Please do to be sharing the shameless silliness!



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