A Lily By Any Other Name . .

. . would still have been as lovely and supportive of her monstrously hilarious TV family if played by Yvonne de Carlo.

Adieu sweet flower of the Hollywood Hills.


  1. Now, I'm not one to (a) speak ill of the dead, or (b) stir up the shite, but I think there's a legitimate Betty-Veronica, Ginger-Mary Ann type controversy here.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Who Would You Do?

    Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster) or Carolyn Jones (Morticia Addams).

    Make Mine Morticia!

  2. Oh, hands down, dude. Morticia was just too freakin' hot, and she could handle a rapier! I always wanted to be Gomez, don't ya know.

    Carryin' on a little more; Bewitched or Genie?

    My Picks:

    Mary Ann

    With the last being the toughest call if only cuz, for the purps of this comment, all my picks are purely physical ('cept the 'toons, then it's the name!) and Genie's got the greatest legs on TV Evah.

  3. Hmm...starched housedress or diaphanous djellebas. You're right, it's close, but I'd have to go with Genie for fear that a romp with Samantha carries the attendant risk (however infinitesimally slight) of evolving into a three-way with Gladys Kravitz.

    There are some things even a lawyer won't do!

  4. YIPE!

    Dude, there's always a risk involved. Even with Morticia, ya never know where Thing might "turn up" unexpectedly.

    Or Fester!@#!11@#@!!



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