So Long, and Thanks for All the . . . Beatdowns?

Cowher resigns to spend more time with family
Associated Press

PITTSBURGH -- His was the best known jaw in the NFL, a jutting block of granite that perfectly reflected his toughness and passion for winning.


Cowher resigned Friday after 15 seasons as the Steelers' coach, a job he probably could have held for life -- or, at least, for as long as the 23 years predecessor Chuck Noll held it. The Steelers immediately began searching for a new coach for only the second time since 1969, a span when other NFL teams have had as many as 15 coaches.

Cowher was one hell of a competitor and I remember being totally bummed when Pittsburgh hired him back in the day.

The Brown's needed a head coach as well at the time (actually the year before) and, even though dude was from the Burg, he had both played and coached for Cleveland. Browns' fans knew him. We loved his sideline to sideline energy and in-your-face but on-your-side bulldog style and most people were completely stumped by the hiring of Bill Belichick to replace has-been but great guy - and former Pittsburgh Defensive coordinator - Bud Carson. Not a few folks 'round these parts think a Cowher hire may have helped prevent He Who Shall Not Be Named* moving the team to Baltimore. I ain't one of them, but it's all part of the Lore of Woe and Lamentation** which has become part and parcel of being a Brown's fan nigh these past 40+ years.

Ahhh, well. That's all I've really got to say on the topic, other than to wish the Chin a pleasant retirement and to thank the Rooney family for their dedication to rational salary expenditures and loyalty to people who exemplify what is good and honorable in the world of professional sports. Cowher's reign o'er the Black and Gold has been the longest of any head coach in the last several decades. That's something incredibly unusual during my lifetime, and his record surely indicates that such has been a Good Thing for both the city of Pittsburgh and the NFL as a whole, IMO.

Salute! And don't let the door hit ya in the ass on yer way out, ya bum!


* Art Modell, in case you're wondering. I just like to play with the silly religious emotionalism inherent to Fandumb. I really can't be holding grudges, especially when the old man had a least one sound and rational point in making the BAD BAD BAD BAD Move. {sighhh}

* Thanks for putting "lament" in m' noggin, AIF. {-;


  1. Aw, c'mon, Michael. I've seen the statue of Moses Cleaveland, and I know that Cleveland mis-spelled its own name and all, but to intentionally mis-spell Pittsburgh.....well, it's just beneath you.

  2. Yah, yer right.

    The Pissburg Stillers deserve better.

    Actually, 'twas just a typo. Usually I correct those when found, but ... screw it.

    Pittsburgh's a great town from what I've heard, which isn't much. I'm thinkin' of going there soon as my DJ nephew says they've a growing and hoppin' scene of the kinda music I'm enjoying lately. With all the raggin' on it I've done over the years, I'll probably have a post on what I find there.


  3. Dammit, roxtar! Once I noticed it, I couldn't let it go. Thanks.

    Meh. Yah, thanks.


  4. Thats a hell of a gracious tribute to Father Cowher. Speaking of religious imagery, there have now been something like 5 Popes since 1969 but only two Steelers coaches- and both were old Browns.

  5. somehow i seem to like the teams that never do well.

  6. An underdogger, are you, AIF? Yah, me too to some extent.

    Follow the Cavs this year though, bro. I'm not calling NBA Champs just yet, but keep on eye on 'em, eh. We finally gots us a winner here baby!

  7. If only you had World B Free back

  8. World B... wow! The local Sports' radio guy totally Loves Free. He's had him on a few times and the interviews were great.

    Unfortunately for me, I was oblivious to hoops when he was around these parts. Well, to most things, actually. Yikes!

    Don't know why I forgot to say it, Steve, but your time-comparison up there is a pretty darn nice statement of the Rooney's loyalty and ability to pick folk worthy of such. But "Father Cowher"? LOL! Ahh well, to the Stiller faithful, I guess that'd be an apt description.

    Good luck with the new coach. (But not too much luck, don't ya know. {-;) What old Browns are currently in the coaching ranks, I wonder? I know there're at least a couple. They, like Cowher, weren't big name players though, so I don't recall at all.

  9. BTW, the aforementioned radio guy is dying to get Cowher once his year sabbatical is over. That'd be fine with me, but I'd really love to see Crennel make something of his shot here. The team was a Freaking MESS before he and Savage (GM) arrived, so I'm more than happy to give them year 3 to show any substantial progress.

    That's all. We'll see.


  10. I think Romeo is great. The first guy in 1999- Palmer i think was his name was-was a dead ringer for Ken Starrrrrrrr. Ugh...what a horrible image for me as a Democrat/Steelers fan!

    World B Free had a little something going for him that no one has ever replicated. He used to put up a jumper and literally kick his defender, drawing a foul when he did the kicking- Magic said he was the toughest man he ever guarded.


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