Google Goodies - Fantastic Photos

I just cross-posted this one on American Homo. It looks so much better with the black background I use on that blog. Check it out if you've the time.

I've made Google my Home Page because of all the neato little gizmos you can add. There're the typical Headlines and Scores and such, but my favorite part is the Tabbed Pages.

This picture is from a gizmo called Interesting Photos of the Day which I've included on my Fun Stuff tab. The gizmo cycles through presumably random Flickr photos and clicking on the currently showing pic takes you to that photographer's photostream.

Thats how I found this following scene from any of thousands of incredible fantasy novels. Click on the pic to see it really large. I would totally love to be in that space.

Happy Humpday all. . .


  1. Some awesome photos. Love it. I might have to try the Google thingie.

  2. Very, VERY nice!
    And yes, black background can do magic sometimes. It's all about the presentation.

    But not sure I want to be there, with JC hanging (out) with all them antlers...

  3. so that you found this...

  4. Is highly rec'd, Mary. Fun stuff!

    I'd prolly use the JC in the Big Fireplace if 'twere my joint, Nava. Whadda wast o' wood...

    Me too, Enigma!


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