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Another occasional QotD, offered because I want to, need to, will remember it!

“move fast, fail often, learn, understand and try something new”
Commenter Andrew on Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

Click on Andrew's name for context. It seems to work for me as a general rule of life. Now to keep at it, eh. {-;

Happy Friday ! ! !


  1. Dang! Can y'all see why I sometimes say I'm sorta schizoid?

    The last post praises "slow and sure" while this one preaches something more akin to "fast and furious".

    And so swings the pendulum...


  2. Don't worry, I'm sorta schizoid, too. Being on an even keel would be boring, don't you think?

    Well, maybe not. Maybe it would feel better. I don't know.

    "Fail often" -- yep, yep, yep -- can't help but to do that, huh?

  3. Well, maybe not. Maybe it would feel better. I don't know.

    LOL! Thanks for the commiseration Blue Girl! You're are SO freakin' Cool!1!! What would I do w/o you comin' 'round? ;)

    Btw, I'm not sure I know "Ignoreland". I probably would if I heard it but not by name. I'll check it out later for sure.

  4. Whew! I thought we were encouraging manic states here. I tend to think things through if it's not an emergency (meaning blood gushing) and then act fairly fast and learning from my mistakes. Going a bit slower gives me the chance to catch a lot of mistakes before the blood gushes!

  5. Now see? That's the kinda compromise I'm a lookin' for in life.

    Thank you, Mary! Thank you, very, much.


  6. Well, I think I got the falling down part down pat. But learning from it is whole different story.

  7. You ain't never gonna survive without getting a little schizoid now and again, love!

  8. You gotta pretty good with the first aid by now, eh Ed? {-;

    Dig it, AG! I definitely do.


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