From Leaping Before Looking Closely

Thusly do I attempt alternatives.

Lao-tze said to cultivate
Tranquility and detachment.
To be natural means not to force things.
When you act natural, you get what you need,
But to know what is natural,
You have to cultivate tranquility.

- Master Hsieh


  1. There's detachment, and then there's nonattachment, I guess. Still trying to learn the difference meself.

  2. Yeah. There's that often nebulous distinction to be made. Thanks MM.

    I swear I've got some of the bestest commenters on teh tubes! It's been cool having your voice here lately, Lady.



  3. Great advice and sometimes takes a lifetime to figure out!

    Once you get past the programming from school/media/life in general
    this simple concept becomes easy to understand!

  4. as john lennon put it:

    don't you know that it's a fool
    who plays it cool
    by making his world
    a little colder

  5. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    But I always thought it was Paul who said that. I was never a Huge Beatle's fan though.

  6. Lao-tze is truly the master. Last year I studied the Tao Te Ching pretty heavily. My goal was to draw some political-psychological implications from Lao-tze's work. I never finished doing that, which gives me another project for 2007.

    It's hard to let things be as they are. Humans love meddling in the natural way of things - we love to tinker and toil. But the real lesson is to let go - and it's hard as hell!

  7. I hope you do finish that one, Agí. I'd love to read your take.

    ...the real lesson is to let go - and it's hard as hell!

    Hell yeah it is! lol! But in doing so, we find the otherwise hard things - hard work, diligent study, relentless research - all flow more smoothly and with, what feels like, less effort.

    Until we (I!) forget the letting go bit again... D'oh! {-;

    namaste Commandante.


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