Hey Mr. President! Did you know . . ?

From his side, Muqtada makes a distinction between "Sunnis" on the one hand, and "Saddamis" and "Nawasib" on the other. (Nawasib are those Sunnis who have a violent hatred for the Shiites and the family of the Prophet, and nowadays in Iraq "al-Qaeda" would be such a group in Muqtada's eyes.)
[From Juan Cole's Informed Comment]
Oh nevermind. He's too busy staying the course, even though it's a new course, which is essentially a variation on the old course, on which he's never been "stay the course."

Of course.

I gotta wonder if Joe Biden has a clue as to how the leader of the Mahdi Army (an insane religio, IMO and to be fair to Joe's analysis) thinks about the problems currently at the fore in Iraq.

Thanks to the folks at Left is Right. I can't tell which of the two posted it, but they added a bit of commentary with which I totally agree as well.
... For the sake of the hundresds of Iraqis and Americans getting slaughtered every day, until a better policy is fomented, we need to cut-and-run/withdraw/retreat, whatever you want to call it; so far it's the only hope. People's lives... (it's) the most important component of any military plan, and yet often the most overlooked.
[January 4, 2007]
(emphasis mine)


  1. Joe Biden is the least qualified Democratic candidate I've seen announce yet.

  2. Plus he said, in the same Russet piece, that Congress had no authority to justify what Kennedy has just said the Senate is going to do.

    Hey-ay, Joe! Grow up and learn your job!

  3. Hhmmm... I just posted on the above Kennedy news, but should probably link it here as well.

  4. Sir, where have you been all day? We have a Chuckles/Tucker Carlson situ and people are e-mailing and blogging all over town!!!


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