From a Senator who won't run for President but, in my opinion, has the most integrity for that august position of anyone on the Hill.

Breaking Another Iraq Taboo


Americans are not looking to Congress to pass symbolic measures, they are looking to us to stop the President's failed Iraq policy. That is why we must finally break this taboo that somehow Congress can't talk about using its power of the purse to end the war in Iraq. The Constitution makes Congress a co-equal branch of government. It's time we start acting like it. We have a moral responsibility, as well as a responsibility to the brave troops whose lives are on the line, to end the war. We can and must force the President to safely redeploy our troops so that we can get back to focusing on those who attacked us on 9/11.

Tomorrow, I will be chairing a full Judiciary Committee hearing entitled "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War." This hearing will help remind my colleagues in the Senate and the American public that Congress is not powerless - even when it acts that way. We have the power to stop the policies of a President that continue to hurt our national security. Soon after tomorrow's hearing, I will introduce legislation to do just that.

Now go read what he's up against...


  1. Feingold is pure gold! He said he wasn't running because he had too much to do for this country. I'm glad he is focused on the things that really count. I send Russ notes now and then thanking him for helping us.

  2. I love his reasoning, on just about everything.

  3. Sounds like a winner to me. I don't know if I can stand to know what he is up against though. That crap pains me.

  4. Heheh.. Got all mysterious there, didn't I...

    Is a Juan Williams' interview of Teh Decider. {shudder} Save yourself the pain, eh. :) Though Juan is pretty darned good at his job, IMO.

  5. I have been a Feingold fan for a long long time. He's too smart to run for president. You wonder why anyone would want to take over this giant pile of horse fecal matter that bush will leave behind. Hopefully some of the other senators will follow his lead unless they are too chicken fecal matter.

  6. Bought and owned, whatever else their composition, eh Pop.

    And the electorate shrugs and calls it inevitable, thus making it so.


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