Those Devilish Details

Don't think about the details while becoming lost in this King Crimson concert*. Experience them.

Thanks Jack. That was intense.


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  1. I am one of the relatively few people in the USA who saw this lineup! I saw them 2-3 weeks before this archive show at the West Palm Beach Pop Festival. (The Stones also played at that Festival). I have a photo of KC taken by a friend of mine there. Amazing. I wore out the 21st Century Schizoid LP. When I first met my husband 19 years ago, I saw that he had it on CD, and CDs were a fairly new technology, I didn't even have any yet. I figured we'd probably get along.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Awesome, Blueberry! I'm sure it was a fantastic show.

    Jack just kinda posted it outta the blue, and as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to share it too.

  3. The Nice (w/ Keith Emerson) was also on the bill. Giants strode the stage in those olden days.

  4. It was awesome! People should be jealous of me. And the correct name for the album is "In the Court of the Crimson King". I had their 2nd one too, but didn't like it as well, and didn't follow them much after Greg Lake moved on, not that there wasn't good reason to.

  5. I never remember the name of the one KC album I "had" for a while. It was a loan from my cousin Hed and I'd not cassette recorder at the time.

    I do remember it was Red and it Rocked! "Cigarettes and Ice Cream" is the one song which has always stayed with me, and I'm not even sure that was name!

    I'm bettin' both of y'all do though...



  6. Don't cling. It's a great message, albeit a very difficult one to carry out. I try everyday and struggle.

  7. Dig it, Agí. I've said before, I was always too uptight for dancing, but have started since turnin' 41. Well, it's 3am and I just got back from a local club called Cloud 9.

    Thanks to my constantly recalling that little bit of wisdom throughout the night, it very nearly was.

    Now to shake off these wings and try for some slumber.


  8. That song was "The Great Deceiver" from "Starless and Bible Black". There was a bar near the law school I attended that had a CD jukebox with this album on it. Other weird stuff, too, like Queensryche and Dixie Dregs. (This was in California, mind you.) I used to crank "Great Deceiver" all the time while I drank tequila and waited for my underwear to dry at the laundromat next door.

  9. cigarettes and ice cream was a great song...okay...I am getting old...but thank you for this...made the weekend so much better...

  10. Ahh, teh Great Deceiver. Thanks roxtar.

    My pleasure, E4E. Got the Court of.. playing again as I write.

    Very nice.


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