For Ourselves and Our Posterity

I tried to stuff this into a comment on the post per Kennedy's statement that Congress will attempt to micro-manage the Military Budget, thus bottle-necking Teh Decider's surging insanity.

Steve left us a link to a short but sound Jim Bovard post on why this method of Chimperial Containment is a) less than assured to be effective, and b) beside the main, and Constitutionally more important point, that the U.S. President has already shown disdain for and a seemingly limitless capacity to run end-around any legislation Congress has sent his way.

John Lowell's comment, the 2nd one on Bovard's post, is a big concern of mine as well, and it echoes Larry's comment as to what the the Pentagon's budget may really be, for all anyone in Congress or the press actually know. Is like to one of those Schroedinger's Cat boxes. Who the hell can tell the exact nature of its contents? The Joint Chiefs? The President (like he'd be telling!)? The rumour mill?

Congress will have to get pretty specific in their limitations, and that's where the Constitutionality of their prerogatives come into play. Shrub has shown nothing if not that he'll stretch such of the Executive's to their extremes, Constitutionality be damned - or at least whatever he says it is. I really don't feel good about Congress doing the same kind of thing, even with the best and most rational and moral of intentions. We'll see, eh.

There is a simple and Constitutionally proven means of avoiding such a crisis in our government. It is is now, and has been since the first lies were revealed, my legally supported opinion that Impeachment must take place; not just to end U.S. military involvement in the ever-worsening Iraqi conflagration which we've ignited and continuously stoked, but to protect and defend the remaining elements of Justice, Liberty and the Rule of Law within our own, often failed, but far more frequently, phenomenally successful Democracy.

Impeach Now!

The necessity of such Congressional action is only Common Sense.


  1. Don't avoid extremes, and don't choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities - that is the art, the secret of balancing. See the below for more info.



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