New Year, Same Silliness

This was originally entitled Understatement of the Year . . . Already! As I mention in the post, I was a bit foggy as I'd just got in from a 3 hour road trip, and "Understatement" isn't really what I was getting at.

I was going to leave it alone, but, well, "if you're gonna do it, then do it right" is kinda sorta basically a big part of all my NY's Resolutions so . . .

Happy New Year!

MB - Jan 2, '07

Ho Ho ho ha hahahahaha . . . Ohhh . . . Excuse me while I finish laughing my ass off.
Pope Benedict XVI prayed at a New Year's Eve service at the Vatican City in Rome that 2007 would bring the world "peace, comfort, justice." But he cast a cold eye on some secular New Year celebrations, saying such social "rites" are "often carried out as an escape from reality."
As if it needs the emphasis! LOL! Thanks Bene. Way to get the new year bouncing with irony ya silly ol' Homo.

Okay. I may just be a bit slap happy, as I just got in from a 3 hour drive back from a fantastical "social rite" of our own in Detroit. I was just checking headlines to chill out before hitting the sack and simply had to comment on the Papal Delusionist's little contribution to 2007's birth.

What a wonderful world!

Happy New Year everybody!


  1. Thanks much for that very good laugh this morning. Well, if anyone would know about escapes from reality, I guess it would be the pope. Wonder if he was wearing his funny hat when he made this riveting announcement.

    Happy New Year, silly human.

  2. There could be peace, comfort and justice from his perspective if all the non-Catholics dropped dead, and the rest started behaving themselves as the Inquisitor thinks they should. Also , I would cast a "cold eye" on his version of "reality".

  3. Hhmmm.. I think he must've been wearing it. Without the dunce-cap, a Pope's just a poop.

    Will "cold feet" do, Blueberry? Or a grain of salt? Preferably on popcorn.


  4. That got a good chuckle out of me! Just think of him standing up there in his gold lame costume chiding others for ducking reality. I mean, we all gave up men in fancy gowns a long time ago except of course some of the better drag queens.

  5. My irony meter just melted

    Happy new year Mike.

  6. Bene is obviously not a Pastafarian pope!

  7. I love the Pope. Spiritual world leader, sways the actions of millions of people worldwide, spends every speech he gives reminding all of his followers just how much they suck. Sort of an anti-Dalai Lama.

  8. Sort of an anti-Dalai Lama.

    Now that is a good one! LOL!

    Happy New Year Micheal and all!

  9. Happy New Year to you, Michael!!

  10. Where the hell did you find this quote??? Benny must be looking to sack that speechwriter...

  11. Oh, and Happy Hogmanay to you too.

  12. Auch! And to you the same, mate!

    (Actually had to use teh Google on that one. Thanks!)

  13. I can't stop thinking of the Jon Stewart joke about how Pope Benedict chose his name because of his love of being doused in savory, delicious hollandaise sauce...


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