Hey Jim!

Hey all. This is sort of a "reach out" to one particular blogger who I'm not sure how to get in touch with to request clarification and/or assistance.

I was just reading Mando Mama's post on what an emotionally and intellectually immature brat our Preznit is, and I figured I'd try, once again, to shimmy thru the maze that is a conflict between my GMail acount, Blogger account, Google account and whatever the hekk else that company now owns and operates.

Alas, this time had the same result as always. I got your invite, and immediately tried to login and say "thanks!" but have not been able to jump their hurdles. Is especially funny because it tells me my Blogger (Google?) username and password combination, the same combo I used to write this post, is "unknown". WTH?! Ditto my new Blogger (Google?) credentials.

Ahhh, well. I just want to shout out and ask that, if you get this, you could email me (bainsmac at gmail dot com) another invite - or at least clarification as to whether or not the first one was revoked. I was just getting caught up on My Boring Best and am a little bummed to not be able to enjoy it anymore.

That's all.

Oh, and Happy Friday all!


  1. I'm having that very same problem with my "new" blog and Google account. And some of my favorite comments from other bloggers now say "anonymous said..."

    I'm starting to regret my conversion already. Damn peer-pressure!

  2. Heheh... Don't let it get ya down, triple A. We'll adjust.

    Craziness, though, ain't it.

  3. Michael,

    I am alive! (...drat)

    Sorry about the confusion with my blog. I had decided to make it private for a while because of some general creepiness with a few visitors, and because mostly I needed a break from it.

    I'm still sorta needing a break from it, so I hardly have posted. However, I do check out Mando's blog and saw your comment there. Thus, I stopped over here to your blog. (I've gotta admit, I've been also not visiting too many blogs in my downtime.)

    So... I think what happened is that I must have deleted your invite somehow. I will re-invite you to the blog...

    ...there. I checked and you were indeed "gone." So were a few other people I had invited. I guess I must have done it somehow. Either way, I've got the invite back out to you to come on aboard.

    Thanks for your interest. Your one of those people that have been out there in my blog-isverse for a while and I don't wanna lose you! :-)

    Just remember, I'm not posting much lately. It's just not in me and I need a break. God knows (who is that?) that I'll be back blabbing one day down the road. Me, stay quiet? ...yeah, right.


  4. No drat about it, Jim! (Though I know the feeling, eh.) Totally glad to hear from you, man.

    I could go into why I'd not have been s'prised if'n my initial invite was a "mistake", but, hell, I've grown a little self-respect since last winter so will just reiterate that I'm glad 'tis for real.

    I'll be stoppin' in soon. Gots lots o' work to do today, and my ankle is killin' me (from some awkward Saturday night dizzy-dancin' w/ a bit of a luna-chick cutie) so I may actually be headin' home. I'll try the Google Gamut again once there.

    L8er amigo!


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