By Jove, I think he's Got It!

This is definitely the right tack to be taking. I'm going to see what happens before commenting much, other than to say that I didn't think he had it in him.
Kennedy plan would block funds for new troops
Democrats under pressure to find unified response to Bush ‘surge’ in Iraq
By Alex Johnson

A day before President Bush is to address the nation on Iraq, congressional Democrats moved Tuesday to pre-empt his plan to send thousands more troops to Baghdad by denying him the money to pay for it.

Congress voted to authorize the Iraq war in October 2002, but Kennedy, expanding on a theme anti-war Democrats have developed in the last few weeks, maintained Wednesday that the mission had changed so sharply that Bush must seek a new vote to authorize further military deployments.


The 2002 resolution “was primarily focused on the fact that Saddam [Hussein] presented an imminent threat to the United States militarily, and Saddam is no longer there,” Kennedy said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball.” “About the alliances between Saddam and al-Qaida, which the 9/11 commission dismissed, and about the weapons of mass destruction, which weren’t there. So all of the tenets of that authorization have effectually left.”

... Kennedy’s measure would use Congress’ budget authority to force Bush to seek congressional approval for new troops, blocking any new spending “until the Congress of the United States, the Senate of the United States, votes in favor of it,” he said.

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  1. Michael,
    One thing, people in general, and especially those with inflated egos, don't do well, and that is to admit they are wrong.
    Before it is all over with I think Bush might go down swinging - there is no true patriotic left, but him and God of course

  2. El Shrubbo del Estupido does not know how Government works.

    He thinks that his decrees are above any Congressional mandates, and his magic pen rewrites whatever laws are sent for him to sign. Given his cluelessness about Government in general, I don't anticipate getting anywhere with this moron short of removing him.

  3. I must be a "dirty rotten democrat." I agree with ted.

  4. this is going to be an interesting battle. I think Bush will go ballistic and that's always fun to watch.

  5. Chris Matthews had a interview with Kennedy that they aired on Hardball last night. It was really good. He did strike all the right notes...until he started talking about what the "moral" thing to do was. And he said "moral" about four times in a row regarding one thing or another.

    I'm too young to remember his Chappaquiddick incident, but I do know lots of people who AREN'T that political who hate the guy, just can't stomach him for that reason. And who can blame them? Although I have appreciated his work, I think he's one of those guys that needs to step down, he has no moral authority at all.

    Also, Biden's bucking Kennedy. What's with that?

    Also! :)

    I just heard last night that a "surge" or this "surge" will last 18-24 months.

    18-24 months! That's NOT a surge! Of course. It's an escalation! I know that's been pointed out nine million times -- but, oh my God! When I heard the time period they were talking about, my mouth just dropped open!

    These guys and how they twist language. They are unbelievable. A "surge" sounds like eight weeks, short term.

    These guys are unbelievable -- and they just NEVER stop.

  6. When Art imitates Life, we applaud it.

    When a Life imitates Art, we check it for sanity, but generally smile and appreciate the effort.

    When Politicians destroy Lives with such incredibly hubristic Artistry as Bu$hCo's NeoCon Madmen have done a la Orwell, the only appropriate and responsible response is Impeachment.

    Happy Humpday, y'all! Here's hoping the New Year rings the Bushies' bells right down into Levinworth!

  7. I'm interested in the constitutional question- can the commander and chief be stopped from moving troops in a "time of war," since the last declared war was in WW2.

    Idiot Bush should never had been allowed to put troops in Iraq to start with.

  8. Steve, that's what Biden's saying. That what Kennedy is proposing is *not* consitutional. I don't know the ins and outs of it, however.

    MB, impeachment's too *good* and too *constitutional.* He needs to be led away in handcuffs. If you see the new Vanity Fair, pick it up and read Graydon Carter's letter at the front. He's printed some things about a book that was written about Bush as he was growing up. It's so telling. Priceless.

    I think I might post it, but I'm headed to a meeting now.

    Happy Wed everyone!

  9. I really like the comparison Kennedy made to Vietnam.

  10. Withholding funds won't work. The pentagon budget has lots of money floating around, and the neocons will use it if Congress won't appropriate more for Iraq. Then they will say that Democrats are hurting the troops who are already in harm's way, hoping for defeat, siding with bin Laden, etc. It seems incredible after all that has happened, but a whole bunch of Americans will fall for this... again.

    The Dems should allow funds to be appropriated and marked for staged release as a series of very specific benchmarks are achieved by Iraq forces. In other words, the money itself should dictate the conduct of our troops, and the goal should be Democratically-led extrication from this mess by Spring 2008, with definite changes in policy beginning THIS MONTH. To make sure this works, Dems should turn up the heat on the White House by opening numerous investigations into war profiteering, links with Jack Abramoff, the illegality of signing statements, warrantless wire-tapping, torture, etc. This will keep the neocons too busy to fight back on Iraq, and provide entertainment for me.

    Also, Blue Girl, I love you but you must leave Kennedy alone. He did a terrible thing, but he did it out of fear and confusion, and for thirty years his service in the Senate has been for the betterment of all of us.

  11. I urge everyone to read this very short post at Jim Bovard's blog.

    Jim is one of my favorites....

  12. BTW, impeachment is being discussed at Jim's blog too, but i cant see it happening, no matter how much it should.

  13. Just stopping in real quickly to say "thanks Steve." I'll check it out when I can grab some time in a couple hours.

    Love when it's busy at teh work. The days they do fly by!

  14. Ok! Put 'em up, Jones!


    Also, Blue Girl, I love you but you must leave Kennedy alone.

    It's not *me* -- it's the perception of Kennedy to the people who aren't junkies like you and me. Ever sit in a room full of people when Ted Kennedy's name is brought up or when he pops up on TV? Ever hear the groans?

    I'm just talking about it from a political angle. He rubs lots of people the wrong way. And I'm not sure -- again -- politically -- if that's good for the Democrats no matter how he's tried to make up for it over the years.

    Just my humble opinion, Jones.

    Now, put 'em up! I'll take you on!


  15. Good points all around.

    Now put yer mouthpieces in, and let's have a clean fight!


  16. MB! From the way Larry writes, he seems very tall. So, I'm gonna have to fight dirty, seeing that I'm vertically-challenged.

    Judo Chops! to the knees!



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