"lethal blow to Zionism"?

Well, one can certainly hope so.

While I'm not gonna be counting on it, Israel's very first appointment of an ethnic Arab to that nation's Cabinet is indeed an auspicious occasion.
Israel names first Arab minister

Israel's Labour party leader has appointed Raleb Majadele as science and technology minister - making him the first Arab Muslim in Israel's cabinet.

. . .
Mr Majadele replaces Ophir Pines-Paz who quit last October in protest at the addition of ultra-nationalist party Yisrael Beitenu to the coalition.

However, Mr Majadele's appointment has drawn angry criticism.

Esterina Tartman, chairman of Yisrael Beitenu, said Mr Majadele's appointment was a "lethal blow to Zionism", the Haaretz news website reported.
Jeez oh Petes. Sounds like a wing nut suggesting that "letting" a newly elected Congressperson swear their oath of office on a Qur'an is tantamount to the undermining of American civilization.

There's a lot that needs remediating between the two peoples of Israel/Palestine. Reaching out in such a way is going to incur consequences, both good and bad, and in my googling on Mr. Majadele, I found a little of both, a wee bit o' the good of which I'll leave you with.
A Timely Appointment
. . . .

The appointment of a minority MK to the portfolio isn't entirely unexpected; there have been previous rumors that Peretz intended to name a non-Jewish candidate in order to "compensate" for accepting Yisraeli Beiteinu as a coalition partner. The candidate most often mentioned, however, was Shakib Shanan, a Druze party activist who just missed being elected to the Knesset last year. Shanan was a political novice, but he was also a Peretz loyalist, and given that Avoda's two Arab MKs were lukewarm toward Peretz, he was expected to pass them over in Shanan's favor.

Since then, however, the equation has changed. Peretz is fighting for his life in a party chairmanship election scheduled for May, and the Arab sector is a bigger constituency within the party than the Druze sector. Suddenly, Peretz' personal and policy differences with Majadele mattered less than the need to win Arab party members to his side in the leadership election, so Majadele - who, coincidentally, is Avoda's most senior Arab MK - got the nod.

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  1. Funny I should read news about Israel at your blog.
    and I say: COOL!!!
    Can be a very important first step!

    Now, if Israel has a non-Jewish minister, why can't the US have a non-man, non-Caucasian or non-idiot as its next president?

  2. Its a pretty good sign. I'm a little surprised to see it has taken this long considering the number of Arab citizens in Israel.

  3. At this point I would like a non-idiot for Prez. It's a good start.

    Seems like a good thing on the Cabinet appointment. Also, using the Koran for an oath swearing in the USA bucks the system in a nice way too. I prefer a hand over the heart or just raised and no sacred texts required for swearing on though (and according to the info at the link, a book is NOT required... very interesting...). If you can't make a promise in your heart, what good is the oath?

  4. Fully agree, Blueberry.
    For someone who is not a believer, using the bible/Kuran/whatever for an oath is pretty much meaningless.

    And yet, I think you are taking this too far.
    Detach religion altogether???

    I vote for swearing the oath using the Holy Meatball.
    That sounds fair enough for everyone.

  5. Oh, then you will have the vegans swinging the ax...hm, a plate of plain spaghetti, maybe? Of course if religion must be involved, you could use angel hair pasta.

  6. OK, OK... the sacred gnocchi, then.

  7. Cool post im sure the Islamic countrys all around the world are going to elect a jew ..nope..will not even go there..guess thats life

  8. I think we veggies are cool with the meatballs as long as the Great FSM is allowed to keep them attached and they are not chopped off for someone's dinner.
    -- Ms. Money Penne


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