Well - Hell...

Like a nightmare following a favorite dream, last night went downhill fast.

Whilst updating my blogger template to add that stupid, egomaniacal, but long overdue (LOL!) Flickr badge, Blogger choked and returned a "There were errors..." message.

The error? All my freakin' Favorite Sites links, the one's I'd just reorganized on Sunday are gone!

Ahhh well, and I haven't even settled on a replacement template yet.

Could be worse though, of course. It could've trashed all my content as well.


I guess I'll be fixin' that the whole week through. I'll just look at it as one of those joys of Spring. You get to start from scratch for the most part on a garden every spring, right? Yah, that's the ticket.

Happy Tuesday...


  1. The good news is that the photos are gone from your rss feed...

    Bummer snide comment following :-)

    Always make a backup (as if I am perfect)

    FYI I have a "hidden" test blog at blogger which has a fairly recent copy of my template - when doing major tweaks, I work on that one (remember the Halloween colors of last year?)

    Happy spring cleaning :-)

  2. You know, that's why I'm scared to death to *play* with my blog. I am not a computer person at all and am convinced that I'll screw something up the minute I try to do anything.

    Michael, you have such a great attitude. It really shows through your writing.

    Awhile back, Res at The Republic of Dogs did a flow chart on his blog to show *where some of us came from.* -- *Who our parents were* -- it was hysterical.

    Lance Mannion was the *son* of the Statue of Liberty and Thomas Jefferson.

    I was the *daughter* of Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens.


    I think you are the *son* of the same!

    Happy Tuesday right back atcha.

  3. When i changed my template i went to the links and copied them and pasted them back once my template was changed. Pretty easy but it would be nice to know you'd lose them to begin with. B told me before I did it and saved me.


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