Lifting of the Veil of Neoconservative Fascism

Addendum: No one else has, but I realise that my unease about the statement vis-a-vie the Islamic nations was due to its anti-theistic singularity.

China and the other, much less populous, Communist countries, all suffer from this same Top Down implementation of "Democracy". I
feel better pointing this fact out since I never want to hold one ideology more accountable than any other due simply to its focus on theism in place of any other irrational dogmatism.

Rant Warning: Perhaps due to my fear that Russ Feingold's call for censure is doomed to fail, I've written the following with a bit more anger than the glee with which the topic might otherwise have been infused.

Grains of salt ready? Excellent. Then please enjoy.

The neoconservative chutzpah has begun to break and dissipate upon the rocky shores of Reality.
What the neocons failed to foresee about Iraq

Sunday, March 12, 2006


It has taken more three years, the loss of tens of thousands of Iraqi and American lives, and the expenditure of $200 billion -- all to achieve a chaos verging on open civil war. But finally the neoconservatives who sold the United States on this disastrous war are starting to utter three small words.

We were wrong.

And boy how wrong they were.

As I've noted before, any calls from the Left, to retreat from the quagmire of civil unrest and ultra-violent insurrection which our government has helped to create and yes, foment, are not only premature, but also every bit as irresponsible as are the neocon ubermenchen's hubris in launching American Hegemon in the first place. To see some of the wonks and wankers to which this article refers now claiming Iraq is a mess which we've not the RESPONSIBILITY nor the capacity to resolve would sicken me if the last 5 years had not already enured me to such defensive Bart Simpsonesque self-aggrandizing.

One of the few neocon dons mentioned here who has not suggested "mistakes of policy" were made, is perhaps the least qualified of any of them to have had any hand in such weighty matters as America's role in the "new American century"; Bill Kristol - a man whose every breath defines and conveys irretractable hubris and duplicity in support of a Fascist ideology he appears to love more than either his god or his country.

The crowning jewel of the neoconservatives fundamentally duplicitous nature is summarized in the essay as follows:
Finally, there was the blatant contradiction between the neocons' aversion to government meddling at home and their childlike faith in their ability to impose massive social engineering in foreign and utterly unfamiliar countries like Iraq. Thence sprang the mistakes of the occupation period.
Americans, and yes Euros, Brits and Asians, should all be ashamed of themselves for allowing these irascible villains of Supremacist thinking to convince them that Democracy, Peace and Liberty could ever be achieved, much less assured, via brutally violent and totalitarian means. I purposefully left Arabs off the list since, from what I can see of the constitutional structures, Top Down "Democracy" is already the only kind they'll abide. Please feel free to empirically refute that understanding*.

As I recently wrote in regards to the Vichy Democrats "Roots
Project"; the green of the grass depends upon healthy, active roots. The paternalistic and theocratic (Chris Hitchens apparent atheism not-with-standing) Do-as-we-say-or-you're-against-freedom attitude of these ideologues is breaking down in the face of defeat after defeat on the stage of reality. American polls show that people are no longer sheepishly accepting the utterly obscene lies of this Administration because, time after time, lies the Admin's words and proclamations have indeed been shown to be.

The essay closes with an allusion to another of my all-time heroes; a man who knew the true weight of responsibility which a nation such as the United States must admit and accept: Henry Kissenger.

It is on George W. Bush's lips that neoconservatism most obviously survives -- in the commitment to spreading freedom and democracy that he proclaims almost daily, and most hubristically in his second inaugural in 2005, which promised to banish tyranny from the Earth.

But even the extravagant oratory of that icy January day cannot obscure the irony of America's Iraq adventure. The application of a doctrine built upon the supposed boundlessness of U.S. power has succeeded only in exposing the limits of that power.

Thus chastened, Fukuyama now wants to temper the idealism of the neoconservative doctrine with an acceptance that some things are not so easy to change and that the United States must cut its cloth accordingly. He calls it "realistic Wilsonianism." A better description might be neorealism. And if that brings a smile to the face of a certain former U.S. high priest of realism with a pronounced German accent, who can blame him?

There may or may not be any gods to have mercy on these mens' souls. Regardless of such philosophy, I truly believe that they should receive none from the people who have trusted and supported them. They have done too much harm to warrant anything but complete political ostracism, both at home and abroad.

Let them now prove themselves men worthy of forgiveness by History and its makers; We the People.


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