Thanks Salon

Or pehaps more specifically, thank you Peter Daou, since I've no idea who does the selectin' on this sort of thing.

I had to stop and do another double-take when I saw my Site Meter stats readin' double my midday average. It was a kick to see that most of those visits had come from Salon, so I figured I better go an' see whawazzup.

(Here's where the pic of the salon page would be I were html-savvy 'nuff to not need Blogger's iffy* tech tools. Silly human me.. .)

It's kinda neat to have my blog featured on such a popular and relevant website. Especially since I've been a little more susceptible to (and thus in need of) ego stroking the last couple of weeks. Finding out for sure, without a doubt, no equivocatin' here baybee, that one's second marriage
ist kaput will sorta do that to a guy.

So, have a look around. The content herein ranges from the silly (of course) to what I consider the sublime. Here's
{-; hopin' you can tell the difference.

* Iffy they may be, but verily they are truly much appreciated.


  1. Congrats, Michael! So I suppose you'll be movin' on up to the East Side?

  2. Hhhmmm... East Side eh...

    You know of any cheap sublets. I may not own a Dry Cleanin' Chain, but I ain't too proud to live above one.

  3. Congrats you! Well deserved! :)

  4. Hey Michael -- can't see where you are? Which one (link) is it on that page?

    Just need a little help...

    Very cool, by the way.


  5. Heh.. Sorry BG. Guess I'm just shy or sumpthin'. Click on any of 'em, and it's quite likely I'll be 'round there somewhere.



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