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Cleveland 107, Dallas 94
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By JOE MILICIA, Associated Press Writer
March 29, 2006

CLEVELAND (AP) -- LeBron James was in seventh grade the last time the Cleveland Cavaliers played in the postseason.

And he wasn't even a Cavaliers fan.

"I was a Bulls fan -- all Michael Jordan back then. I'm all Cavs now," James said.

James helped end the NBA's third-longest playoff drought by scoring 46 points in a 107-94 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night, clinching Cleveland's first postseason berth since 1998.
Even if there weren't too many teams makin' the playoffs, this Cavs team would still be in at the 3rd or 4th seeds.
"I've always felt since I was drafted here that I was going to light it up like Vegas," (Lebron) James said. "I said that on Day One once I got drafted. It's been slow progress, but it takes a few years to put a building up in Vegas, too."

Kid's funny! Maybe not Einsteinien smart .. but he's Amadaeus on the full court. He's a 21 year old mega-millionaire and the stars in his eyes have got to be going super nova! Only Kobe is his match right now, and 'Bron's bent on learning how to handle the ends of NBA games like even Jordan didn't do for a few years into the pro game. And Michael played a lot of college ball. Majik and Bird, both college standouts, came into the league as passing demons. Lebron's already Jordan's equal there.

The organization (as are the Browns!!!) is settin' forseeable goals, guaranteeing only that they will do whatever money allows to meet 'em. Something the Indians' Dolan is unable to do.*

The Cavaliers were low-key about their accomplishment, leaving the court without celebrating.

"We have bigger goals than that," Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said. "If the fans want to celebrate and the city wants to celebrate, that's fine. We expected to be in the playoffs."

Damn right they better expect it. Owner's got the money to win. Team's got the talent to win. Now the organization's just gotta develop the talent to win it all. Resigning both Gooden and Murray has got to be in their plans, unless they're gonna spend more big money for a 'Sheed Wallace caliber player.

I'm just hoping for a battle through the 7th game of the 2nd round next month. If they reach the conference finals, it'll be bonus points for next year's run.

Come on Cavs!!!

* Shapiro's got a pretty freakin' good plan for handlin' Dolan's financial means though. 6 years for Sizemore is right on schedule and by the book.


  1. C'mon Cavs...gotta make it happen!

    Do you remember that? You and I are the same age -- do remember the Bingo Smith, Nate Thurmand, Austin Carr, etc. team? From the 70s? I remember sitting by my radio listening to their games when I was maybe 13ish?

    I have all their autographs from that time period. My dad used to take me to the games and I was one of those little dorks who would stand by that area and beg for their autographs!

    I also have John Havlicheck's (sp?) autograph.

    :) -- Can't say I'm much of a basketball fan now though.

  2. Whoa! Dudette! You've got Hondo's signature?! sehr cool Blue Girl. lol!

    And, yeppers I remember those AC and Bingo teams. My first Cavs' game was at the old Arena, before Thurman was on the team, and I was so young I don't even remember who won.

    If you want a flashback, listen to a game on the radio (1100) sometime. Hearing Joe Tate might just take ya back. Dude's still the best!

  3. "The old arena" -- Do you mean the Colliseum in Richfield?

    That was my first lesson with greedy, wasteful business people and developers -- when they tore that down. I couldn't believe it! That they would just abandon that place...

    But did understand (at least now I do kind of) that they wanted to help bring downtown *back* --

    Oh the memories of the Colliseum...concerts, etc.

  4. Ahh the Colliseum! It really was a great place but I never saw a Cavs game there. Just lots of concerts!

    I hear ya on its loss, but the reason you suggested is a compelling one. Downtown needs the business more than the stix had the capacity to utilyze it.

    The Old Arena is (was?) downtown. I really don't know if the building is still there or not. What I remember the most about it is how steep the seats were. It was small and smelly and the isles were like the stairs to an attic!


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