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Cloning is catching on. It's showing embryonic signs of commercial success, and that should help the progress continue more quickly as it grows.

Co. Produces Clones From Cutting Horses
Thu Mar 30, 8:16 PM ET

PURCELL, Okla. - A company that offers horse owners exact duplicates of their animals says it has successfully cloned two top-earning horses.

ViaGen Inc. announced Thursday that two mares had delivered clones of top cutting horses, which are trained to help separate individual animals from cattle herds.

The foals, born at a ranch near Purcell, were doing well, according to the Austin, Texas-based company.

The first cloned horse was born in 2003 in Italy. In 2005, Texas A&M University created the first cloned horse in the United States.

Elaine Hall of Weatherford, Texas, owns one of the horses that was cloned and said the foal is the image of its mother.

"I can already see so many similarities from the original horse, a certain look about the eyes," she said.

A laboratory at the University of California-Davis has confirmed that one of the clones and its offspring share the same genetics. Scientists are working to make the same determination with the second clone.


  1. So clones are made with artificial semination right? Aside from questioning the morality of it, it doesn't seem right to take the fun out of it. Foalbirth must be painful, and then she gets them taken away for sale? Bum deal for the mommy I'd say.

  2. I say "Bring on the Clones!" the best way to defeat the idea of "gods" is to become them.

    This technique is being used to expose the so-called God-Men in places like India. As soon as random folks are able to perform these "miracles," the God-Man's power is gone.

    Besides, the world would be a better place with a mini Pickled_Punk, no?

  3. I'm withya until that last bit there, punked one.


    I don't think anyone's quite sure how "enjoyable" most female animals find sex Kat. Honest. Leavin' humans out of the mix, it seems to be more of biological need than an emotional or "spiritually laced" procedure.

    Bringing humans back in; I'd bet 30 to 40 percent of the women I've spoken to on the subject have said they'd forgoe natural childbirth every chance, and I can't imagine blaming them, even though I could, even if only, imagine it being a "beautiful" experience to have. Once anyhow... lol!

    Besides, the bottom-line on cloning is that its success means we are truly, comprehensively understanding our own biology. That can NOT be anything but good.

    Cultural attitudes and beliefs will make what we do with it as rational and efficacious or not.

    Btw, how's the move coming? Oh, no worries, I'll just check in on Rhodian Attic!

  4. "even though I could, even if only, imagine it being a "beautiful" experience to have."




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