Call (Your Senators) for Censure

VichyDems leads the way, from my vantage, once again the necessity to call your Senators and encourage them to call for Censure of President Bush's illegal abrogation of the Constitution's checks and balances.
You the man Thersites!

Also from VichyDems' site, info on blogs with a higher profile whose authors refuse censor our own voices in the incredibly important crisis being wrought by our Commander in Chief.
Read what Cokie Roberts said (h/t Digby) about the Senate Democrats and why they've been stalling on censure, and what Digby says about that. Read FireDogLake, and Crooks and Liars, and always, always read Glenn Greenwald, and then understand a lot of things that have kept you up nights, and take a little piece of hope with you to bed tonight.
Sorry this is lacking in any personal touch. I'm pretty busy at work. (Even that sentence took 3 minutes to write!)


  1. I loved this line by Digby:

    "'s a political ploy in service of bedrock principle."

    Isn't that what politics is supposed to be? Do we fool ourselves over and over and over to think there are politician's who are *not* political? Why do we do that? If the Democrats could figure out ANY way to maneuver in service of the bedrock principle's we all hold dear and are all so afraid that we're losing now -- I would say, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

  2. The disaster comes when they are political just to keep/gain power in any way they can. Which is why I totally blame the Republicans for hooking up with the Religious Right. I'm not sure they really believe all of their baloney as much as they know it's a great political ploy to set up church's around this country to act as Republican voter distributorships. Then, they have to throw them a bone every now and then -- like the Terri Shiavo fiasco -- diagnose her via video tape and make a mockery of personal freedom in this country.

    Ok. Enough ranting.

  3. Isn't that what politics is supposed to be?

    {sighhh...} You called it Blu_ Girl. {-;

    It firmly applies to your next point as well. Terri Schiavo, narrowly defined Patriotism, Christmas -v- Xmas... Politics needs to evolve more in line with science if we're ever to expect consistently good policies from any Party of Pols.

    Dem I am, but it's only because, I mean, seriously, what's the alternative?

    Libertarian? I read their newsletters, as I do those of the Ayn Rand Institute and the Democratic Party (Repubs are just too out there for the bother right now.) I just can't get with some of the anarchy from the first and Supremacy from the second.

    It'd sure be nice if the Dems lived up to their professed goals.


    Okay, as you said, enough ranting.


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