Calling All Senators

Vichy Democrats has posted on the Feingold censure movement.

The link I supplied will allow you to send an email to YOUR own Senators (and Reps) but, as is often the case, a phone call to the relevant Senator, in this case the Minority Leader, Harry Reid, is an even more effective way to let the kids on The Hill know that we are serious about an issue.

From Vichy Dems:

1. Most importantly, tell Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid that you want him to support this effort with everything he’s got, and not wimp out by calling it a “free vote” or “conscience vote” or any other namby-pampy, undisciplined, standard-issue-Democratic crap like that.

In that regard, VichyDems reader Nancy Horn just reported:

Just got through to both Reid (re: Feingold) and Specter (re: NSA). They’re both tallying, and Reid’s assistant said the Senator was looking at the results as we spoke. He’s gotten calls from all over the country, in favor, and the assistant was personally thrilled though, of course, he wouldn’t speak for his boss.

We need to keep that pressure on. Reid’s contact info is:

Harry Reid (D-NV)

Telephone numbers
Main Capitol switchboard number (all Congressional offices): 888-355-3588
D.C. office direct line: 202-224-3542
D.C. office direct line toll-free from Nevada: 866-SEN-REID (866-736-7343)
Carson City office telephone: 775-882-7343
Reno office telephone: 775-686-5750
Las Vegas office telephone: 702-388-5020

Fax numbers
D.C. office fax: 202-224-7327
Carson City office fax: 775-883-1980
Reno office fax: 775-686-5757
Las Vegas office fax: 702-388-5030
Senator Reid webmail link

#s 2 & 3 are to call your own Senators and let 'em know that you want them to "back Feingold to the hilt."

This is one of those times I wished Silly Humans reached a broader audience in order to effect a more meaningful change.

None the less, call now because operators, or at least aids, really are standing by!


  1. Though I think Feingold's got more cojones than most of the rest of the Democratic party combined, I'm afraid the censure resolution won't amount to much. Gotta keep our eyes on the prize...the midterms. That's the key.

  2. Right you are about the midterms.

    It really doesn't matter to me if Censure leads to impeachment, but we have GOT to call out the President and all future Monarchical and/or Fascist aspirants to the White House anti-throne at every turn.

    Those member of Congress who support this move are the only incumbent Dems who deserve to keep their jobs. And I can see a few Republicans supporting censure as well.

    Thanks for the reminder Kvatch. I gotta post that last Sherrod Brown campaign "flyer" already.


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