The Sounds of Senatorial Silence

So Feingold's call for censure is what? Irresponsible to the people of the country? Is it based upon paranoia and ignorance as to the actual, admitted activities of the Administration? Perhaps he's just a Moonbat and therefore his courageous and constitutionally encouraged recommendation is beneath consideration within the hallowed halls of The Hill.

Or maybe it's something less honorable and patriotic. Maybe it's just politics.

The Feingold Resolution and the Sound of Silence

Many of Feingold's Democratic colleagues agree that Bush abused his authority with the NSA spying program. And they know liberal Democratic activists are eager to see Bush censured, or worse. But they also know Feingold's maneuver could cost them seats in GOP states.
Crass, reason defying politics. This is not how honest people behave under extreme conditions like those being brewed up by this Bush Administration. This cowardice is in no way indicative of the integrity we need, as responsible and active citizens, to demand of our politicians from either the Left or the Right, but especially those who call themselves Democrats.

The best response any of the Democratic amoebae have been able to produce?
Mary Landrieu (La.) pursed her lips. "Senator Feingold has a point that he wants to make," she said. "We have a point that we want to make, talking about the budget."
The budget? For what?! Prisons for Pacifists? Illegal Wiretap Technicians? Torture training?

I am simply left shakin' my head...

There's still plenty of time, and a little more urgency than a couple of days ago, to avail yourself of the following information and call Harry Reid and call or email your own Senators and Representative.

Harry Reid (D-NV)

Telephone numbers
Main Capitol switchboard number (all Congressional offices): 888-355-3588
D.C. office direct line: 202-224-3542
D.C. office direct line toll-free from Nevada: 866-SEN-REID (866-736-7343)
Carson City office telephone: 775-882-7343
Reno office telephone: 775-686-5750
Las Vegas office telephone: 702-388-5020

Fax numbers
D.C. office fax: 202-224-7327
Carson City office fax: 775-883-1980
Reno office fax: 775-686-5757
Las Vegas office fax: 702-388-5030

Senator Reid webmail link
Thanks again to Vichy Dems for this contact info.


  1. Michael, thanks for linking my post.

  2. I share your frustration with quivering senatorial Democrats. Landrieu is my senatrix, and I've heard her singled out a few times today, but so far no one has stated the first thing to enter my mind when I heard she was neither backing nor whacking the resolution: Bush has her over a barrel. Not in a boy/girl way, exactly, but in a "if you support censure, you don't get flood protection or rebuilding loans" kind of way. Put it however you like, but in this one case, I fully support her. As so many New Orleanians have said since Katrina, "We're all wearing the blue dress now." There are 96 senators outside the zone of destruction. It is up to them to vote for censure, because those from Louisiana and Mississippi have their constituents to think of first, especially when the devil is the only one with whom there is to deal.

  3. Was a good one Kvatch!

    Now that is a rational reason to avoid the issue! She's not just fearin' a voter backlash for her integrity 'gainst the threat of being called unpatriotic, she's legitimately fearin' for y'all's Lives.

    From her website: Sen. Landrieu introduced the Gulf Coast Protection Act, which uses offshore oil and gas revenues for increased coastal hurricane protection, including stronger levees and coastal restoration.

    I love it, as long as they don't cut 'em too much Enviromental Slack in trade. This Admin might lobby for it hard w/ the Veto leverage.

    But it's W's approval ratings that have got me shakin' my head over the Dem belief they'll be hurt in the polls over this. That's not just cowardice in the guise of ignorance, it's damned stupid politicking.

  4. You're welcome for posting contact info! Thanks for the link.

    I hope to have more comprehensive contact and position info for every senator up on VichyDems tomorrow. Today I've got a sort of manifesto-cum-analysis of why we keep lobbying our representatives when it seem s like they don't care, and why the Feingold resolution is becoming THE litmus test of which Democrats are for the people and which are against us.

    I just gave Dayton's staffer a big piece of my mind, btw. Said that however the resolution got there, he should vote on it directly -- yes -- instead of whining about how it got there.


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