I Am A Morning Person

Apparently unlike this august personage.

Hey, as dude might've said, better a day late than a dollar short.


  1. Maybe he should lay off the sake (just kidding). Russ was on on the Daily Show last night. It would have been better if he had been instudio, but it was still good.

  2. Yer probably right Kat.

    I don't think I even have Comedy Central, or I'd try an' catch the replay at 7 today. I'll look, but I'm pretty sure our basic cable is really basic...

  3. Oh my I can relate, I have written some psychotic shit at around four am... insomnia, etc and the belief that purging mental demons in the middle of the night is helpful somehow.

    geez not that I am comparing myself to Confucious or anything I sure as hell don't mean "relate" in that way.

  4. Heheh.. I wouldn't dis yourself on that comparison Lily. It's an incontrovertible fact that we know things of which the great Kung Fu Tse could never have even dreamed.

    That's just temporal physics at work. He didn't have the history or the resources available to anyone within reach of a computer, Library or Elementary Level Textbook.

    Not that I'd dis ('respect or 'count) his efforts and accomplishments, nor his natural intelligence and ability to synthesize the knowledge of his own time. He was an incredibly adept, and very politically fortunate, bureaucratic philosopher. I just believe you can never put the accomplishments of the past ahead of the magnificence of the present. The latter is nearly always more robust than are the former. For good or for ill ... {-;

    And I can relate all too well to those mental demons needing to be purged.

  5. I used to quote Confusious to my son, and when he was about five , he went to quote him to a friend, and he said " And that was said by the Wise Philosopher , Confusion"....

    ( I didn't have the hert to correct him ;-)

  6. and yay!!! I see you are supporting Russ...and you are an Ohio person....alright....( I read your comments over at Anita's....)

  7. ( I didn't have the hert to correct him ;-)

    Thusly passing on your own wisdom and charm to the next generation.

    Coolish! lol!


    (cuz it ain't just metaphors that need mixin'!)


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