Future W Quote

Not that I believe in an afterlife.

Come to think of it, with the Chimperor in office, it's the rest of us who're more likely to commit such irony.


effin' eh...


  1. Funny,
    More on those pics in your rss feed...
    they appear to be coming from Flickr

    "taxes finshed"
    "Chris's bday"
    "Monster Nick"
    White supremacy bush
    dumbF mountain

  2. Now that's just bizarre. I don't even link to my Flickr site on here, and I'm sure I never even posted on any but the last two pics you note.

    Thanks man. As you could probably tell, I've done some overdue side-bar maintenance recently. I'll go back in and see if I can find anything relevant to Flickr in the template in a little while.

    Thansk 'gain ARB.


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