P$ychological Game$

No biggy. Just a silly li'l skeptipost.
(Hey, writers {and lonely lovers} write.)

I was toolin' 'round the blogosphere when I stumbled 'pon a young Berkley student's new blog. On it she had, in wisely tiny script, a link to someplace called Kabalarian Philosophy: Teaching the Principles of Mental Freedom.

Well, after a quick and reflexive LOL!, I read on for a little and saw that it's about the effect one's name has on the direction of one's life. Being one who has legally changed their last name for personal reasons, I decided to see wawazzup with it.

The site proposes that it uses a
mathematical principle to determine what name is most efficacious for procuring happiness in one's life, and it offers a free introductory demonstration as evidence of this claim. You simply write your first name in a provided field, select your sex, and click on a button titled Analyze. A personalized description of your "likely" personality characteristics is produced on the next page.

Hhhmmm... Yeesss.

The analysis was about as accurate as any astrological chart I've have "read" for me by any of the numerous friends and acquaintances (including my first wife) whom I've known throughout the years. Some of these folks were people who styled themselves astrologers, and all had developed some skill in the tools of that artform. Like the astrological charts, some of the karabolical stuff is spot on. Some determinations, often within the same category, are as divergent from the reality of who I am and what I'm like as if they were describing my mother, or landlord, or the Chimperor! lol!

None of which would mean a thing to me, except for their ability to make me laugh and shake me noggin'. I'd merely have gone on to the next, more interesting part, in order to see what kind of last name
might be more suitable towards engendering a brighter future for my silly self. Actually, just for kicks of course, that's exactly what I did (I'm bored. It's Saturday morning and I don't wanna do the laundry, Okay? .)

And that'$ where the catch come$ in.

For only $35, I can utilyze this ancient and
proven mathematical principle to realize my full human potential through the simple and painless transmogrification of my (already once changed) last name.


I really would love to copy/paste the results for my first name, but the fear of legal reprisals which might result by virtue of my not caring enough to scientifically blow their boat outta the water requires me to leave it at this: as I said in the introduction, this is just a
silly little skeptical look at something I found on the web. I'll not link to the site, but a quick Google on kabalarianism should secure it for anyone who may be lookin' for kicks and grins in their own effort to avoid personal and household maintenance.

Happy Saturday y'all. I've got a book review to finish. Hhhmmm... I wonder if there's any help from this quarter forthcoming... ???


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