Cartoon Backlash Hits Home

This developement is just wrong... It's also why I wanna start reading Instapundit more often.

"DAILY ILLINI EDITOR ACTON GORTON reports that he has been fired for publishing the Muhammad cartoons.

This is, alas, part of a pattern on campuses these days, where free speech is a decidedly one-sided phenomenon."


  1. I wouldn't have fired him for his decision to print the cartoons -- I wouldn've fired him for his Blogroll.


  2. LOL! Yah, I've read dude's site before and can't imagine what kind of thinkin' it takes be so oblivious.

    Still, it's really lame that THIS is the issue that got him canned. Political Cartoons???

    People have got to stop believin' religion should carte blanche when it comes to tolerance. In the Euro middel ages, Xtianity was the single most effective force for evil and inhumanity one could imagine. Intolerance cleaned it up to a phenomenal extent (Robertson etc, not-withstanding.) Today, despite a majority of mulsims preferance for peaceful co-existence, far too many of its highest, most influential leaders issue calls to deadly violence as a matter of course.

    THAT can't be tolerated, and cartoonin' on't is an effective way to point out as much.

    Happy Thursday BG!


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