Conspiracy Theories SUCK

The following quoted text is an email I've received a couple of times recently; from people for whom I care a very great deal. As usual, my words are in green.

Also, as usual, I mean them quite sincerely.
> Subject: Pentagon Flight 77 on 9/11/01 - Where
> are
the airplane parts???
> Just a fascinating piece to read
> Where is the airplane........that crashed into the
> Pentagon.........?????

Pretty amazing how REAL conspiracy theories can sound, ain't it...

Please don't waste your anguish and frustration believing it though. Such belief detracts way too much energy from
opposing the real criminality displayed
above the board by the leaders of neoconservative movement who are currently ensconced our Executive branch.

Please, focus on the real, demonstrable facts that this Administration
  • "was mistaken" about WMDs; repeatedly.
  • Exposed an undercover agent, put her Life at risk, when her husband refused to willyfully lie to cooberate their bogus claims
  • Have an illegal Wiretapping program in place, despite the FISA's covering their excuses for it
  • Promote and fund Religious Groups with Taxpayer money despite the express prohibition against such in the very First Amendment to the Constitution
  • the VP receives a "retirement pension" from the #1 profiteer of the Iraqi War
  • bin Laden's Shia terrorist organization received aid and training from The Kurds in Iraq, not from Sadaam, who was a semi-secular sunni muslim and despised the shia fundamentalists except for the chaos they caused his other foes
  • is led by a men who ALL avoided military service, even when oath-bound to serve
  • the same man who says the United States doesn't break the law or torture because whatever it decides is right IS THE LAW.
Maybe W "looked the other way" to allow 9/11 to occur. I won't argue hard against it. I don't think it likely though.

More importantly, since it cannot be proved, it must be viewed, like the gunman on the grassy knoll, as a conspiracy theory whose only effects are to cloud the true constitutional infractions of this Admin.

They are traitors and they
Believe in their cause. Belief makes nothing true. It just makes it easier for the believer to justify atrocities and inhumanity in their cause.

Love for all and Reason to make it last and grow.



  1. Yeah, I hate the 9/11 conspiracy theories. I mean, I can be pretty paranoid myself, but this is one event that I will never believe was caused by the Bush Administration (as much as I hate them).

    Great new look Michael!! I was surprised when I came! If your picture wasn't there I would have been really confused!

    Sorry you lost your stuff though. That sucks.

    Hope all is well with you! :-)

  2. Thanks Cassandra! Con Theories just seem to be energy sappers which rarely pan out the way people believe, and that's not the kind of battle I've got the energy on which to waste.

    No worries on the losses though. I've got my Firefox bookmarks and can rebuild the Favorite Links from those. This was overdue, but I only did it now because the "Archives" code of the template was gone as well.

    Talk about bein' motivated more by need than desire! Wow!

  3. not to mention that it would be hard for a whole airplane to fitinto that litle hole with no dmage beig done to the building from wings or tail.

  4. You know, I see what you're saying, but even if he did look the other way, that's what Moussaui(SP?) is said to have done, and he'd have gotten the death penalty for sure if that lawyer hadn't coached the witnesses... if he did look the other way, he deserves at least life in prison...

  5. It's a shame that our people will believe in one, seemingly intelligent, person and follow what they have to say. I had researched every aspect of the case, in order to look at both sides. 9/11 was not a government attack! People say,"Why were all the jews out of the tower?" First off, SOME of the jews weren't in because they work at OTHER places. Second, my dad's friend is a jew and was working that day. He was also in the 1993 attacks. He saw the plane, and told me when i asked him about it that he saw the PASSENGER plane. God Bless the people who died at the hands of vicious radicals


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