Sex: Smart -vs- Dumb

Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love in a Hook-up World.

The author,
Jennifer Roback Morse takes too hard a line with her final analyses on intimate relationship matters.

Her views on marriage for homosexuals, while setup by regarding marriage as primarily a means of procreating, ignore the fact that gays have the same feelings and, even more importantly, that MANY hetero couples
don't want to be breeders either.

I think she's got some rational insights and would love to see her empirical data. I'm betting it would support her thesis for, yes, a majority of homo sapiens.

She still misses the point that not everyone wants
life-long love, nor should anyone be subject to laws which descriminate against such a lack of desire, any more than we should for other adult desires which don't involve people w/o the ability to consent.

On that note, it's Friday night and

another Saturday night
and I ain't got nobody
I got some money
cuz I just got paid

oh how I wish I had
someone to talk to
I'm in an awful way...

has been playing in my head as I'm editing this post.


LOL! C'est la vie eh!

For now...


  1. There'a a blog that I have on my blogroll called "Is This Blog On?" It's a woman in Detroit -- right winger. And I've got her on my blogroll cuz I like to see what my evil twin in Detroit is up to every now and then -- and marvel at how two people (she and I) can be so opposite. It always shocks me!

    She had a post this week about custody of children and how the father didn't want to pay support, etc. And then she comments, "Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't we do the obvious thing and start teaching our kids that the *only reason* for sex is to make babies!"

    I couldn't believe that! Maybe that's the only reason *she* has sex - but, is she really blind to the fact that *maybe* *all* people aren't exactly like her?

    Blew my mind, really. Isn't that something? I didn't leave a comment. Again, you know, the whole *logic* thing.

  2. LOL!

    Yeppers BG. I read a few Wingnut blogs, just to see how "out there" (a phrase generally [and oft' accurately] reservered for Lefties) my righty brethren are gettin'.

    That whole *logic* thing does indeed seem to be a sign of wisdom when one is learning instead of trying to force others to submit to one's own position.

    I'm glad yer readin' Lady! I do be lovin' your blog so am verily happy you seem to be likin' mine as well.

  3. I must add a disclaimer to my comment above -- as I just had a conversation with my husband about it -- and it shed some light on my views up there.

    When I was growing up I never went to church. And my husband always did -- and he's like -- *her* view on sex is what the church teaches everyone...

    So, just so you know where I'm coming from. I never had any proper schooling in religion growing up -- so my views just come from my *common sense* standpoint -- which I do admit I do know that that is just *my version* of the world and is only *common sense* to me.

    I get jealous sometimes by people who were raised that way and have the advantage of knowing way more about it than I do.


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