Rational Equation

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I saw this a week or so ago, but thanks to ARB for the timely reminder.


  1. Hey Michael,

    Ok. You left a comment that you've seen Van Morrison two times 30 years apart. Now, from that photo of you on this blog -- were you a newborn when you rocked out for the first time?

    (Thanks for your very kind words on my MSM essay submissions...)


  2. That's pretty cool.

    On a different topic, when I clicked on the ARB site I read the post about their bi-polar child. What a terribly difficult thing to cope with. I give them many, many kudos for for their strength, commitment, and their openness about their struggle.

    (hmmm, maybe I should have left this comment on their site ...)

  3. Good idea! I've been a fan of ARB's blog since about the time I started bloggin'.


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