Things Were Heating Up ..

.. pretty good there for a while in the comments for this post at Neil Shakespears' blog.

I believe that it was Neil who supplied some scriptural panacea or another to ease the tension and assuage the angst of the righteous in their contentiousness.

Also, (ahem) I may have, inadvertantly, come "out of the closet" at some point in my own commenting. I'm pretty sure I was never in that particular room, but, well... Sometimes one says things of an inexplicable nature when in the presence of the divine.




  1. heh well, it happens. neil always has excellent posts and commentary

  2. So I've seen a few times recently. I've oft complained lately that I wander the blog'sphere too much, and thus miss out on some of my former favs. Then I stumble across one I never bookmarked (for w/e reason) like Neil's and am glad to surf on.

    You've had some excellent, if, uhhh, left of center, commentary yourself LOC. lol 'Tis always good readin' those.

  3. Neil's stuff is hilarious. And the comments go really off the wall sometimes ... sometimes I laugh so hard that can be found unceremoniously spitting my morning coffee at my computer screen. silly me.


  4. Yeah, cool. Thanks for the link. That post sure brought the smelly comments. Nobody mentioned 'Blazing Saddles' though. And that's the best fart scene of all time there.

  5. Not to worry Anita. Clean monitors are waaay overrated. {-;


    Yeppers on the 'Blazin' Saddles' scene. I always feel like it might be goin' on too long. Then it stops and I think it could've gone longer!


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