DarkSyd's Science Friday

Whilst cross-posting the previous post on my node at Unscrewing the Inscrutable, I managed to slow down enough to finally read DarkSyd's Science Friday for the week.

Dude picks the most moving topics.

The final quote from journalist/interviewee Michael Grunwald struck quite close to home vis-a-vie my personally considered most pressing human concern; our ability to survive Nature's most brutal attacks on our existence. In this particular case, as with Global Climate Change, Her bombs and napalm are in direct retaliation for our own short-sightedness.
Science Friday: Swamp Things | Unscrewing The Inscrutable:

"... If man can't figure out a way to revive the Everglades--the world's most beloved and most studied wetland, in a region with plenty of rain and plenty of money--it's hard to imagine which ecosystem he's going to be able to revive."

It doesn't take a prophet or a priest to foresee our utter annihilation if we can't even take proper care of own home planet. And if we can't do that, this kind of thing may just be the end of us.

As with all Science Fridays, this one is highly recommended.


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