Incidental Acts

It's peculiar how incidental acts can amount to tremendous occurences. I was a bit perplexed when I received an email describing Leon Wieseltier's review of Daniel C Dennett's "Breaking the Spell..." but I read the missive, even though initially thinking it spam. My reasoning was simple: if it's spam, at least it's on a topic I dig.

Well, the post got hits through the roof*, by my standards anyhow. So today, after finally reading Abbas Raza's excellent review, I finally bought the book.

I doubt that I'll review it meself. Abbas really has done a great job of describing both it's content and Dennett's style. Also, Tom Head has edited a new anthology of Conversations with Carl Sagan which I've humbly accepted the task of reviewing. I love the introduction (all I've finished so far) and Sagan is one of the few celebrity folk (Azimov and SR Vaughn being the others) whose deaths touched me as if I actually knew them. Despite my fear of this sort of responsibility, I'm really honored that Tom (an accomplished author on issues Societal) asked me to provide a review. I do fully intend to have it ready within a fortnight, but wish I didn't feel so much anxiety over this kind of responsibility!

But I digress...

If you've hesitated to buy Dennett's "Breaking the Spell", but are still kinda curious, read Raza's review, then head on over to your favorite book store and pick it - or something similar - up for a rainy day.

* Thanks for the awesome linkage Bora!


  1. Thanks very much for the compliment, Michael!

  2. You are welcome! Fully deserved.


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