Help Wanted: School Chef

Must be inordinately "well endowed" and have "special way" with both women and children.

Other requirements and qualifications include:
  • Basso or baritone vocal ability
  • Ability to create relevat song lyrics on the spot for any eventuality
  • Must be comfortable with racism and homophobia
  • Desired salary should be in diametric opposition to personal "endowment"
  • Tolerance for satire must be evenly distributed apropot of all religious beliefs
Interested and qualified applicants must send Resume, Favorite Recipes, curriculum vitae, and Discography, along with 8 x 10 color photo of "endowment" to:
South Park Board of Education
Attn: Human Resources Dept
South Park, CO USA
Scientologists or other Perverts need not apply.


Regardless of this little tiff, I still think Isaac Hayes' role as Chef has earned him a spot in TV's Hall of Fame.

For whatever that's worth... {-;


  1. I'll miss Chef. He helped make that show so good.

    The guys that make it are weird though. A couple years ago my sister-in-law had a thing going with Tres (think that's his name). He gave her the green light and told her friend he loved her, but he was really just playing with her head with his girlfriend (she's African-American) right there. Trippy people, but wish Chef was staying. Don't blame him, though.

    His voice has been my default. Everyday I hear "Where you been, baby? You got mail."

  2. Oh you know it that the creators of SP have got to be weird! lol!

    So many of the folks whose stuff I dig are utterly nuts IMO. Not all of 'em by a long shot, but a lot. Orson Scott Card, an IDist nutter, but an absolutely brilliant SF author, comes immediately to mind.

    And yah, Chef sho gonna be hard to replace. {shakin'head} Who knows... maybe this is just a Pub Stunt by the show. One can hope.


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