The Contagion of Homosexuality

I did have a latte 'bout two weeks after seeing Capote in the theatre.

Hhhmmm... {scratchin'chin} ...


Tip t' m' brother Lee.

And in Related News: But I digress... reminds me that I wanted to post on this story as well today. Thusly shall I include an important Link, which I'm sure all US readers of this silly site have no doubt memorized.

Some things do indeed bear frequent repetition.


  1. Did your brother take the pictures that you are linking to? They are nice!

  2. Yah, those are all his. As I told him, I wouldn't link to him if he wasn't good. :O

    I'll pass it on Bird.

  3. I've always wondered whether there is *something wrong* with me in that I have never watched the Simpsons. And have never wanted to.

    Now I know ... something IS wrong. I'm entirely out of touch with the reality of my fellow Americans.

    And all the while I thought I was taking the *high* road.

  4. I just now overheard a Jessie the Kid story on PBS.

    It seems young Jessie (the future christos) pushed a buddy off of a roof. I missed the part that explained why (I was makin' coffee for the morning in the other room at the time.)

    Whatever the why, the parents of the now dead Jesus Buddy wanted to know it so angrily asked our hero what the hekk he was thinking! His response was that he didn't do it. (ala Bart Simpson? probably not, but stay with me here..) As if to prove his innocense, the 12 year old soon-to-be saviour of the universe reanimated his dead friend.

    Then I came back upstairs to read email and watch the Duke -v- Carolina showdown in Devils' town.

    If there's any point left from all that, it's simply that the Simpsons got their start on an interesting variety show by Tracy Ulman. I've been hooked ever since and no TV show has made me laugh as hard so consitently for so long. If not for a few shows like the Simpsons (and Sports of course) I'd not watch any tube at all, and I'd miss such silly stories as the one about Jesus the Kid Killer and his amazing powers of Life and Death.

    Well, there's also the fact that Americans in general just like to see people worse off than they themselves; even if those people are 'toons. Since Faux NewsCorp doesn't really care if there's a Liberal subtext to any of the programing as long as it rakes in ca$h, the Simpsons stay on the air.

    Good for me. {-;


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