Why to Blog and Dance


  1. Love the drawing!!
    And the message.

  2. In a quiet place
    The need to strive slowly ebbs.
    Fears displace courage.

  3. {sighhh}

    Harummph. Last time I compose haiku for you...oh stinky primate! :-) :-) :-)

  4. Hey now Frogster! Don'tchya be lettin' cross species language barriers mess things up! That was TRULY a {sigh} of contentment!

    Ya know, bro? Like, what could I possibly have added?

    Now to dine on today's haul from the bounty o' the mango trees! errum... which are actually my near to bare, cupboards. {-; 'Sghetti it is!

  5. That was TRULY a {sigh} of contentment!

    Not to worry...wasn't really upset (hence the smiley's). Frog brains are too small to process pique anyway.

  6. That whole inter-species communication brings a message of hope to us all!
    A blogging primate, A haikuing froggie - I feel so out of place, being the only homo-sapiens on this commentary forum...
    I'm leaving.

  7. Yah, I knowed that Kvatch. My snark-o-logue is in slow-mo today though. Whatchyagonnado?

    H. Sapes are ne'er outta place on Silly Humans, Nava. Frogs. Chimps. Boys. Girls. We're all Homos here!



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