American Educators???

Hat tip to Wonkette, and found via John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review for December 14-15.

Also of note; The Ripper is postin' some relevant, sometimes humorous, sometimes heinously need-to-see YouTubes as well.

Good work, Rip.

Reading his site today kinda got me motivated to post this from work.


  1. Isn't it incredible the things we get to watch showing the horrid behavior of our people. Shish! And Laura is in a fuss because we don't get to see all the wonderful things that we are doing for Iraq.

  2. MB your blog is fantastic and I put a permanent link to it up on my site...

  3. I think Ms. Shrub should take a sabbatical from First Ladying until her li'l fratboy Presidente's trial is over.

    Preferably in Sadr City. Maybe then she'll learn something true 'bout her boy's "Liberation" of Iraq.

    Thanks! Ripper. Is muchly appreciate on both counts, and I was already planning on listing "Minor Ripper" in my side-bar. Naptime having just expired, I'll get right to it.

  4. Hmm...
    There is no accounting for common sense, Eh?

  5. Hoy, MB, look what you made me do.
    You and Neil and Blueberry, the lot, with all that good-cause content of your blogs!

    I went sooooo political...
    What have you done!?


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