A Third Force

I found this clip on Darwin's Dagger, and heartily encourage any U.S. citizens reading here to give it serious consideration.

It's late, and I need to crash, so this be my comment from DD's post.
..but we'd all do well to remember, that a breath of fresh air is a long way from a strong and persistent wind of change.

How totally true, and that's what keeps me harping on stuff I know that so few folks care to dwell on.

When he said "that a 3rd force in the middle is essential to fix it", I kinda balked, but he went on and stated what I'm always goin' off about. There is value in both the Right and the Left. It's the "indifferent" manipulators who sway the electorate through weight of Advertising Dollars that corrupt the process, and this kind of effort, whatever this first incarnation produces, is precisely the type of ingenuity which made such an ideal as The American Dream a possibility.

Thanks for the reminder, and sorry I didn't view the whole view when I first saw the post. I get overwhelmed at work sometimes, and don't take the time to see what's really important.

Kinda like most of the good and wonderful folks who've allowed our Political system in the U.S., though most everywhere else as well, as far as I can tell, be up for sale to the highest bidder.

I'm gonna post on this.

Thanks for the kickstart, Darwin.
It's definitely something to think about, at any rate. Along with the basic fact, long refuted by even the preeminent of legal institutions as the SCOTUS, that Wealth is NOT Speech.

But that's for another - and another - post.



  1. Yes, Darwin has some good stuff.

    RoD should blog on important things like this. However, we are very busy with cookies.

  2. LOL! RoD should NOT change one bit! Especially not if would mean losing the cookie blogging!

    Y'all and yer nanobots help me muchly to take the starch outta my serious pants, eh!


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