An Easier Tag to Tackle

Though it does to be proving the adage that "easier is not necessarily better."


Current friends I have that I. . .

. . .went to elementary school with: 0. With an occasional occurence that I meet someone who knows one of them.

. . .went to high school with: 0. Though I do occasionally correspond with my cousin Hed or HS best friend, P.D.

. . .went to university with: 0. I had no friends
at University. Just good friends whilst I attended, and I rarely get to see any of them any more at any rate.

My Elementary School, St Mary, Lorain, lasted K thru 8, so the whole Middle School/Junior High sit was covered by the first question.

. . .met through theatre): 0 Alas... 'Twere some
wonderful folks met during my short stint at the CPT. I keep saying I'm gonna sign up again, and keep not doing so. I . . . I don't know. Perhaps I will. Mayhaps I won't.

. . .met from age 0-20: 0

. . .met from age 21-40: All (3) of them!

. . .met this past summer: To be sure, I've "met" some great people since
a couple of Summers ago, but most of them are Online, and I've only actually met 2 of you. The others are friends of my estranged 2nd wife, so naught has developed of those. Too bad there. They're wonderful folks too, and I was liking how our families were getting along.

Rule: “Change up some of the details but leave the essence.”

Thanks A LOT for the tag, Seth! Despite the paucity of flesh'n'bones friends in my life, hhmmm... more likely because of it, this tag really givéd me a nice kick.


  1. I've always been content with my own company, but do make friends easily; however since I don't crave constant company, I don't go out of my way to keep the connections. Sort of a social hermit, I guess.

  2. You really do sigh a lot these days. Hope all is OK.
    I thought the idea was for you to tag others? where's your sense of vengeance? :-)

  3. I can to be relatin' to the "social hermit" scene, Mary.

    And, alas, but the profusion of sighing is often caused by my lack of contentment with that sitchyation. Thusly do I frequently post on topics which I feel I need to gain attenuation.

    Errr, That is to say; I blog 'bout things on which I need to work at in my own life. Oy, but my conscience is far more guilty than it has cause to be... (NO sigh!)

    Vengeance? Hhmmm... 'Snot that I don't feel the need for it at times. Is just that I've yet to ever see such help matters much. Usually just makes 'em worse.

    Okay... I'm feeling it slippin' away this evening. Feel free to consider yerself Tagged, Nava. :-p

  4. Amazingly for me, I have one friend I've known since kindergarden. Also, one from HS and one from college not that I hear from him too often.

    I have current, local friends but spend a lot of time alone. I am by nature a loner.


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