Feeding Two Birds with One Link!*

Hey now!

I was wondering what kind of Song for Peace I could contribute that would come anywhere close to equaling what Comandante Agí did provide (Best Remake Evah!, IMO.)

Well, thanks to Jennifer of Saying Yes, I've got it!

Click on the pic for a peacefully sensual piece of guitar music and a timeless topic for celebration.

It bears repeating (as do all Good Things in life) Happy Solstice all!

♫♫ ♫♫

* Cuz I mean, seriously now, why the hey do I wanna be killing birds for anyway? 'Specially on a post for peace!



  1. I always tell my female friends: There are three essential qualities you should look for in a man: 1) He should cook; 2) He should know how to fold a fitted sheet. 3) He should be able to l-urmph mrmph-y like a world champion.

    So ladies, find that perfect guy and have a happy Global Orgasm Day!

  2. And if you need to add to the mood - check out the perfect gift to go with this glorious day.
    The aim sanctifies the means, Eh?

  3. happy solstice to you as well!!

  4. Thanks all. Hope you've all had an Orgasmic Solstice!


  5. Very nice...but my furniture didn't make it through the afternoon. It's a good thing I didn't hear that music until later...whewww! So...I hope it was as good for you as it was for me...er...the Solstice thingie and all! Heh heh!

  6. Excellent! Sounds like someone's got some shoppin' to do. Hey, sometimes even the Chimperor isn't completely wrong, eh. {-;

    Mine was fine, Sumo. Alone though meeting Teh Lonliness with self-deprecating grins and my chin held high. For the most part, anyhow.

    And, whether I feel it or not, I know that such is really a Good Thing for me right now.

    (Continuing...) Happy Holidays!


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