Delusional Dubya


  1. Dubya called us obstructionists today. I'm walking around trying to get in everyone's way and then tell them, "Sorry, I'm an obstructionist." Teh.

  2. Gullible? Stoopid? Delusional? Or just a lying sack of rhinoceros dung? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Larry: I believe the correct answer is "all of the above".

    Another day of Bush's war on reality...

  4. "Teh" indeed, Mary. Ha! 'n' teh, eh... {-;

    I'm gonna copy off o' herr Comandante's answer sheet, here too, Larry.

    Well, alright. I guess I knew that answer already anyhow.


  5. cute one, amigo!
    Bush sees and hears what fits into his warped paradigm of alcohol-soaked reality.

  6. Ha!

    Wait, where's the boogeyman?

    Oh..he IS the boogeyman, right.


  7. ...Not to mention the "domino effect." You know, the one that worked so well in SE Asia...

  8. the very least, Bush believes in success in Iraq (whatever the hell that means) if not in the state itself.

  9. Good one.

    They've always said that Iraq was a haven for terrorists. Now, they've made it just that. Well-trained terrorists.

    There's something to be said for a man that can create his own reality.

  10. Alcohol soaked-reality...that's a good one MariaMaria!

  11. Thanks all! I love teh laughs - and pauses - you guys provide so well.

    Unfortunately, my brain is stumbling thru this week and quick quips are eluding me left and right. Caught a cold which keeps comin' and goin', but mostly just sits in my head and lungs makin' me sniffle and hack.

    blechh and whiiine... Welcome to pre-Winter, eh.

  12. I love that cartoon. That's soo cute!! (AND SAD BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!)

  13. Just got A "CNN Breaking News" Email, which declares:
    'President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working," the Iraq Study Group said in releasing its long-awaited report'.

    Breaking News?
    More like the ultimate 'Duh!', in my humble.

  14. Dig it, Nava. Heheh.. Saw that on My Yahoo 'bout an hour or so ago and decided it was just too duh! to blog about in my current, medicated state.

    They do suggest a fairly quick time-table for a pull-out and training of Iraqi troops, though. Not that the Decider will decide to follow their rec.


    And, 'tis SO TRUE indeed, eh AG!

  15. I am banging my head...and I know that Lithium Laura is busy reading all 97 pages to him tonight at bedtime...but oh how it sucks to know that our Peevish Picklehead won't listen to the Wind blowing through his empty head, much less the voices of the Past -who might Know Something...

    ( I think 41's Big Tear Moment the other day down in Florida was about Dubya- it was about SHAME...)

    great cartoon..

  16. One can hope the man has such humanity still within him, E4E. Shame is certainly called for in regards to the way his son has conducted himself over the last 5 years.


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