Like I Needed a Test to Tell Me This

How evil are you?

Yah yah yah. Just barely should be my middle name.

Since my middle name is actually my last name, I guess the Test is pretty accurate though.

Bein' raised in a Liberal Catholic, anti-choice, pro-Peace, Democratic family, with childhood heroes starting with me Pops then JC (Jesus Christo) then Abe Lincoln then Paul Stanley then Tolkien then another JC (Jimmy Carter) then Asimov then . . . heroes? Who needed heroes when I hads my ganjah?

Wait. I think there was a point there somewhere. . . Oh yah!

Twisted be me.


And thusly did I start a blog called Silly Humans. Make sense, now?

Golly Gee Willickers! Thanks for the impetus, BG!

* {sigh}s sho do beat the creative cursing with which I used to indicate m' moods.



  1. I hear ya baines...I was raised by my fundamental, preacher, missionary father and a mother for whom I had to memorize the phone number for the local Ramada lounge, so I would be able to call her if I needed about a dichotomy...

  2. My mom embraced J. Witnesses when I was 3...the things I could tell you. Have pity for an only child okay? Evil is my middle name...danger is my game.

  3. Shish, if you are evil, then I don't even want to think about taking that test. Maybe you are one of those evil liberals I keep hearing about on teevee. If so, well done.

  4. I could have lied to get the Evil rating, but lying would be wrong, correct? I am so not Evil.

    I took the test and came out neutral. How lame is that?

  5. I've always thought there were different kinds of evil. Some of 'em are certainly more Evil than Others according to that understanding.

    Ruin a life? Evil.

    Ruin a life which is ruining other lives? Not so Evil.

    Relativity, amigas y 'migo. Is all relative, but the key is to what, don't ya know.

    Thanks with a Twist {-;

  6. I'm Angelic! I must be tall and glowing and flapping.

  7. ...and I'm still trying to recover from the insult of having been found to be Neutral :-&
    (And that is after saying that France was my favorite European country, mind you!...)
    You are welcome to check out the new version of the little angel on my blog, though.


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