Impeachment Now

Note, if you will, the new banner to the left of posts. Overdue but never too late, at least not until '08 has come and gone.

How many dead human beings in Iraq, both residents of that nation and military personnel from my own county, will that notch on Teh Chimperor's holster?

Many thanks to Sumo for the heads up.


  1. Mike - thanks for dropping by.

    I haven't posted much over the last 2 weeks. Work has been insane, and I've finally grasped the nettle of Atheism. I am one. An atheist, I mean. I've been out of the church for years, but only in the last 2 months have I had the guts to call it like it is - God doesn't exist and christianity is insane.

    It's a great load off my mind.

  2. RAmen! buddy.

    It was fun catchin' up with A Night on the Tiles, and is good to see you're still poundin' out the rooferies.

    You once commented that I'm "wound a bit too tight" and, honest man, I did agree and hope my posting shows I've loosened up a bit in the regard for which you mentioned it.

    Life's still what she is, but I think I'm managing it more than just a wee bit better than I was back then. Regardless, your takes are always 'preciated.

    Happy Holidays!


  3. I'm soooo for this impeachment. It can't happen too soon for me.

  4. We were just talking about this last night. I was trying to explain that no matter how much impeachment might be deserved, it is never going to happen unless the politicians actually initiate the proceedings (so I hope this petition does some good!).

    Well, I hope I did not mess that up too bad. I would hate to mislead anyone. Unless it be fer fictitious purposes, a'course.

  5. Me neither, Mary. I'm lovin' your comics, btw. Very original, cute And relevant. The Trifecta!

    You be Spot On in your explanation, Aes. That's why it's so important for folks to contact their Congressfolk and Insist that they uphold the U.S. Constitution by Impeaching the Deciderer for his criminal behaviour in our names.

  6. That seems like an unachievable dream, ain't it?

    To add to your joy:
    Ahm, well... um... you've been tagged.

    No, don't go for one of your famous and almost trademarked {sigh}s yet - it's an easy one.

  7. That banner looks real good on your side-bar I must say. Thanks for the linkage.


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