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  1. I've never seen Daily Zen before! What a great way to start the day.

    When I think about tracks, I always think of the tracks at Laetoli. In those we see who we really are too.

  2. I love to check it nearly every day. Some days have a more, ummm, easily grasped message for me, eh. :)

    Thanks for the Laetoli linkage too. It's always so cool to see the past in action.


  3. Cold Mountian, reminds me of Dharma Bums...the end part.

  4. I wonder if I would simply invent the disappearance of the tracks. Ah well, someday - sigh.

  5. Oh yes, MB has been posting the daily Zen on and off for a while now.

    Happy 2007 to all!

  6. I love today's Zen:

    Zen practice is not clarifying conceptual distinctions,
    but throwing away one’s preconceived views
    and notions
    and the sacred texts
    and all the rest,
    and piercing through
    all the layers of coverings
    ver the spring of self behind them."

    And I keep admiring the brilliant simplicity and cleanliness of the drawing!
    Thanks, MB, for linking to this.


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