War on Xmas: Ready! Aim! FIRE!!!

Even as a fan and facilitator of satirical takes on my country's societal silliness, I can't bring m'self to actually post the video of this piece of Brilliant Ammo in our godless War on Xmas®.

But I just have to link to it with Roxtar's own admonition to his readers as a Very Sincere proviso.
Look, if you're easily offended by atheistic mockery don't even bother clicking. Really. I think of you as my friends, and I don't want to get all in your face. On the other hand, if you're up for a chuckle, give it a whirl!
Burn you blockhead! Buuurrrrrrrrrrrn!!`~~!!11121!!!

I'd tip my hat Roxtar's way but, in the heat of the moment (as it were,) I went an' threw it on the auto de fey.

That is all . ..



  1. Oh burning charlie brown is just so wrong in so many ways. Yes I did laugh but not when they burned charlie brown. Where the hell did I put those tissues? Mascara all over the place mixed with tears and no freakin' tissues.

  2. Well, there goes your chances of winning any elections in Jesusistan.

  3. Well, I've never been much for killing babies and eating pets, either. Nor do "most"* of the folks who're regularly accused of such for the mere fact of their atheism/homosexuality/Liberality/otherality.

    Alas and so, the accusations will continue, so the fun must be had.

    Personally, I LOVE teh Peanuts, and Linus' original soliloquy has always been a moving one for me, despite the silliness of divinity worship it sublimates. None-the... This vid did make me laugh and shake my head muchly, so I had to, Had To honor its existence with teh linkage.

    RAmen and Happy Holidays!

    * Hey, who knows all the details of the personal lives of the folks we meet online, eh. {-;

  4. ...Linus' original soliloquy...

    That's not the word. Anybody? Maybe just "speech" would do.


  5. WHAT?
    You mean there is no Santa?????
    This is just mean, nasty, vicious propaganda.
    I saw Santa myself, the other day, scratching his... Hmm... beard, at a street corner!

    I Personally am offended by the fact that Charlie Brown cannot even carry a tune!

    At least they get snow, as opposed to us

  6. I agree with POP, that's just wrong. Hilarious, but wrong.

  7. Thanks for the great laugh this morning. This fits my demented style of humor.

  8. Laughing too hard. funnnnniiieee! Thanks Michael, I needed that jolt of reality.

  9. So sorry, Nava. 'Twas but a delusional imposter, one of way too many I'm afraid.

    Don't worry though. From what I've seen they're only dangerous when driving sleighs or after having been elected to Public Office.

    If it helps, I'm pretty sure there are really Fairies with Tooth Fetishes. Not sure how that works, but... there ya have it.

    I dig it, Darwin y Pop! 'S'why I likes it, eh. {-;

    Just sharing the joy of the season, Comandante!

    Whew! Glad you like, Mary! I'd hate to offend one so well armed as your chick-a-dee self!

  10. Seems like irreverence is all over the place these days!
    What is the world coming to!?

    Well, as long as nobody's making fun of the mighty FSM, I'm OK.

  11. It's a new kind of war. It's not like World War II, where we new the enemy. I never said it would be easy but I'd rather fight them here than at the North Pole.

    Also, we're not losing, but the situation is grave.

    I think that about covers it.

  12. ...I'd rather fight them here than at the North Pole.


    Sir, yes sir!

  13. RAmen, Nava! RAmen, indeed.

  14. The War On Christmas (W.A.C.) is almost over and Christmas wins again. [sigh]. I love the irreverent things that people come up with, especially that thing you posted on N.S. about the fire-proof goat. That's a keeper.


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