Balancing Act

Imagine having to follow all o' those lines in order to keep your world in balance.

Is kinda what the Federal Reserve Board has to do in order to ensure;
  • Economic Growth in a Global Economy
  • That Inflation doesn't get outta control, thus lowering the purchasing power of American incomes
  • The balance of Trade with our global partners doesn't result in even greater deficits than we've been stuck with over the last 20 years and counting
  • Our progress doesn't diminish other nations' economies, so as to make our goods and services unaffordable
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc...
But it sure is beautiful, ain't it. . .

Oh, and by the way,

[Link to Yahoo story] (I)n recent weeks, there have been plenty of signs indicating that the economy is doing just fine--and that a rate cut may not be needed for some time. For example, last week, the Labor Department reported that the economy produced a respectable 132,000 new jobs in November, despite drops in construction and manufacturing employment.

Just thought I'd share it. There aren't many things more important politically than the Economy, no matter how well any of us actually understand the details there-in. It's what sets the stage of Human Drama upon which all else takes place.

Happy Holidays


  1. Just looking at that picture makes me dizzy. Trying to understand the economy has the same effect on me.

  2. If only politics and economy were so optimistically cheery and colorful as that picture :-&

  3. Yahoo said that? Yahoo and Tucker Carlson must have shared the same bong in undergrad.

  4. Ok, my political economist...Look into your crystal ball and tell me what the New Year holds!! There was a recent story (NYTimes? sorry, cannot remember!) that CEOs of large corporations are selling off their stocks..?

  5. Alas! My crystal is cloudy, though I just heard the same thing on The Bloomberg Business Report yesterday.

    It all depends 'pon 3 main things at this point, though. I'm far from sure of the order, but:

    1) How adept Bernanke is at holding down inflation whilst ensuring easy(ish) credit and holding the dollar strong; with little hope of that last being, perhaps, what's prompting the CEO sell-offs.
    2) What amount of the Populist Economics promises the incoming Dems manage to hold-to and whack the world with. (Hopefully only the most balanced bits {LMAO & moanin' 'bout it} will make it through)
    3) How quickly we can force teh Chimperor into early retirement, or at least to stand down in Iraq.

    Whew! What a year we's gots ahead of us!

  6. Oh yah: AG do be FUNny!

    Tuck was packin' my bowl (and who knows what else!) in under-G, don't ya know. {-;


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